Throwing A Company Party At Your Home: Tips To Make It A Success

Throwing A Company Party At Your Home: Tips To Make It A Success

Hosting a company party that is a success can help your career immensely as you will be seen as a team player. A party that you hold annually that everyone looks forward to also can help your job security in some cases. For these reasons it is important to try to do everything that you can in order to make it the best party possible. Taking care of details that you can control like the food and who is invited is all that you can do. Being able to show those you work with a personable side of you can also help with communication in the office as colleagues might view you as more approachable. The following are tips that can help your party become a staple of the company that you work for by making it extremely successful.

Invite Management

Invite management even if it is a manager that you do not get along with as this could help turn a relationship around. Even if managers do not come to the party not inviting them could be far worse for you as the host. This can be done with a simple email or Facebook group event which allows people to RSVP easily. Giving people a plus one invite is also important as on a Friday night the last thing people want to do is leave significant other at home for a work function. Allowing them to bring their significant other can help boost attendance numbers.

Make Your Home Presentable Inside and Outside

Having a professional come to clean the home as well as do some maintenance on the yard can make a big difference. This can impress attendees and finding a great lawn services is as easy as contacting Bartrum Services. The cleaning crew should come the day of the party as you do not want your family or pets messing the home up an hour before people start showing up.

Food Should Have Both Vegetarian and Regular Options

The food provided should have regular and vegetarian options available. Those who want vegan options can eat elsewhere as accommodating vegans, those on the Ketogenic diet, and those with a plethora of food allergies is not possible. A potluck can be a good idea but you want to make sure people let you know what they are bringing so you do not have 4 huge bowls of potato salad by rather varied items.

Alcohol Can Help Attendees Loosen Up

Hosting a dry company party is by no means encouraged as this can make for an awkward couple of hours. People like to have a few drinks in order to loosen up and get conversations flowing. Monitor alcohol intake as you do not want the party you host costing someone their job due to them making a fool out of themselves. Hiring a bartender can allow a third-party to cut a person off so this is a wise investment.

Send The Kids To Grandparents Or Friend’s House

Adults that are just trying to let loose after a long week of work might be uncomfortable with a child running around if they do not have any. Sending your kids to a friend or family member’s home can be wise especially if you are going to have a few adult beverages. A small child throwing a tantrum is the last thing that anyone wants to happen especially when people are trying to relax and have fun.

Keep Your Dog Away From Guests

While most people think dogs are god’s gift to humans there are some people who are completely terrified of them. The last thing you want is a person to feel uncomfortable the entire time they are at the party due to the presence of the dog. If everyone attending the party has a dog then you can allow the dog to roam freely if they are well-behaved. The best thing about letting the dog roam is that they are a cleanup for any potential food spills.

Ask Attendees To Uber If They Have Been Drinking

Allowing people to leave their cars at your home if they have been drinking is important. The last thing you want is someone to be involved in an accident where people are hurt or killed. The liability will be on you as the host unless you hired a bartender that was serving the alcohol. Uber is such a great option but there are others that actually take you home in your car then depart on a motorized scooter that they have.

Hosting a company party not only can be great for your career but it can also be a blast. This can also help people look at you as a great host that throws a great party. You never know, you might be put in charge of all future parties if it goes well!

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