Time For The Switch

Whatever television service you have right now, you have to make sure that you get a professional check, your television aerials glasgow consultants can help you determine what you need in order to follow the government’s directive towards the switch to digital television broadcasting.  Digital aerials Nottingham should be able to give you the right advice whether there is a need for you to have a new television aerial system or simply to upgrade your existing television aerial system.  Be careful with the aerials company that you choose.  It would be a good idea to check out the various government issued advisories and FAQs on the ongoing digital switchover before you go to a professional.


A young couple around the block were actually told that they absolutely have to have a new television system installed.  Otherwise, they won’t be able to watch anything on their home theater system.  They ended up paying more money when they could have spent only half the amount with an aerial realignment on their fairly new installation.  To avoid getting in the same predicament, here are some tips on choosing your television consultant:

  1. Do they offer free assessments and estimates? A professional consultant should be able to give you a visit to evaluate your current television service set up.  Are you hooked up to a set-top box or to a rooftop satellite?  What kind of cabling do you have installed and how many television sets do you need to make digital signal-ready?  You should be able to get an honest-to-goodness estimate with an explanation of the things that need to be done by your professional consultant.
  2. Are they properly licensed and accredited?  You want to make sure that your television consultant is licensed by the RDI and is accredited by the CAI.  These two aerial industry organizations have standards and best practices that are enforced among their member companies.
  3. Do they have facilities for quick after-installation servicing?  If things do not work fine, you want to be assured that your television consultants would be able to send an engineer right away.  It’s just not cool to be with a problematic set-up just when your favorite football team’s championship game is about to kick off.


  1. Sherry says

    Yeah I switch my cable tv to another station which cost less

  2. thx for share

  3. I cancel the cable tv and change to another

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