Time Saving Tips: Food Prep Made Quick and Easy

Both homemakers and working moms have their share of chores and tasks that could easily pile up and cause schedule problems. We can’t help but feel like we’re off to beat the clock’s every single tick in our tasks. With proper time management, we can breeze through the day with relative ease.

One of the things that take a lot of our time is food preparation. Some families find it much more convenient to opt to have food delivered at home or pass for take-out food on the way home. However convenient this arrangement is, preparing food at home and sitting around the dinner table for a family meal is still the best practice.

Nothing beats having the whole family gathered together while having a home-cooked dinner and sharing stories about how their day went. Food preparation can be made quick and easy with a few simple tricks up your sleeve.

  1. Making a meal plan two weeks ahead of time gives you enough time to put together your shopping list of ingredients. With a pantry that is well-stocked, have everything you need for your dinner preparations within arm’s reach.
  2. See if there are meal components you can prepare ahead of time. If you are fond of using garlic in your dishes, one of the quick fixes that you can do would be to mince several heads of garlic and keep it in a jar soaked in olive oil. You’ll be ready to mix in your garlic with your stir-fry, your pasta sauce, or your roast chicken rub in a twist of a bottle.
  3. Have a food crew assigned for each day of the week. Get your kiddos to take turns giving you a hand in the kitchen to make dinner preparations faster and more enjoyable.

Image courtesy of healingdream / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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