Tips for Choosing the Right Internet Package for Your Family Home


Internet packages are all very different to one another because each customer has completely different needs to be met. If you’re a college student, you’d probably want a lot of bandwidth so you can download loads of movies and indulge in online gaming. If you work in the media, you’re probably going to want a connection that’s fast enough to send large files over to clients and colleagues.

But what kind of internet package is most suitable for the family home? An examination of your family’s specific needs will reveal what kind of package you should be looking for.

Your family’s needs

Contrary to what many think, families actually have very specific needs when it comes to picking out broadband packages. Given that you’re living with others, you’re going to need a connection that can handle multiple users who are all using the same wireless connection at the same time.

You will also have to consider the fact that because you’ve got a household full of people, you’re probably going to eat through your monthly data allowance faster than a person who lives alone.

Going with wireless

If your kids have gaming consoles that connect to the internet, and the rest of your family is equipped with other devices like laptops and tablet computers, it sounds like your family could benefit from wireless broadband.

If you’re running more than one kind of device on the internet connection, wireless is the best way forward. Most service providers are keen to throw in wireless routers for free these days, too.

Choosing fast broadband

These days, fibre optic broadband internet connections are all the rage. They’re the fastest available type of connection for consumers and bundle packages that include them are often priced competitively against cable and DSL packages.

This is the option to go for if you’re a family of geeks that require ridiculously fast internet and no caps or limits on downloads. This means that your family can indulge in downloading lots of music and playing games over the internet. It’ll enhance your streaming capabilities, too.


Having parental controls over your internet connection is necessary, particularly if you’ve got young kids who use your computer. Consult your service provider to see what kind of parental controls they offer with their packages. Usually, you’ll be able to restrict sites based on keywords, to screen out all offensive material. You can also screen what sites your kids use.



  1. all i need is FAST internet!! 🙂

  2. I just wish my broadband had stronger signal. I , of course, adore the wireless aspect. We used to have cords running all over the place and it was a massive pain!

  3. We are lucky to have a great plan in my area. It is super fast and supports wireless throughout our house. Good info.

  4. Jenna wood says

    Thanks for the great tips, we’re just beginning to look into switching providers and picking a new Internet bundle.

  5. Thanks for the tips!

  6. I wish I had a faster speed. But the price difference for the next level up is just not worth the very little speed boost we would get. So we are rather content with what we have now. These are fantastic things to think about when it comes to picking out your internet package.

  7. So far we haven’t done anything with parental controls, but now that my daughter is 9 years old I think it’s time. That’s an issue I need to tackle this summer. Thanks for the reminder!

  8. I definitely need and love fast internet access!

  9. CinnyBBS says

    I have decent internet speed but the good rate goes away so quickly!

  10. Kristyn says

    we just moved to a brand new home and have been having the hardest time finding someone to service us and ended up having to get a hotspot from verizon for the time being :/

  11. Bidisha Banerjee says

    Great tips. Loved it. Would help me a lot.

  12. Becky Schollian says

    Great tips!! I have heard so much about broadband. I’ve been thinking about changing. Going to look into this. thanks again for sharing.

  13. md kennedy says

    The pricing on some packages can be unreal! I only pay $30 a month for great broadband access (we are not gamers) but my brother pays over $100!

  14. Michelle Cristobal says

    thanks fot the tips

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