Tips on Buying Premium Outdoor Artificial Grass

Learn how to find the best quality artificial grass on the market designed for outdoor use.

Searching for outdoor artificial grass? There are many different types of synthetic turf products on the market, from synthetic turf designed for indoor parks and playgrounds to fake grass created for outdoor soccer fields. However, not all types of fake grass are created to be used in the great outdoors. There are also many companies that offer varying levels of quality. Artificial Turf Supply offers residential artificial grasssolutions at wholesale price. The company also makes synthetic turf products for commercial and athletic applications.

If you’re in the market for outdoor artificial turf, it’s important to purchase the right type of turf. The wrong synthetic grass will get destroyed from outdoor elements, costing you more money in the long run. Not sure how to find the best-quality outdoor artificial grass? No problem. Artificial Turf Supply offers the following tips on how to find and buy premium outdoor artificial grass.

Designed for Outdoor Use

Outdoor artificial grass should offer a variety of features designed for outdoor use. While it might seem obvious to look for synthetic turf with outdoor-ready features, many consumers don’t know which features to look for. The best outdoor artificial turf on the market has been made to withstand natural outdoor elements, including UV rays, heat, wind, airborne pollutants, and heavy foot traffic. This is a long list of outdoor elements, so it’s important that the turf you purchase can resist the effects of all the aforementioned elements. For example, synthetic turf that is UV resistant must be treated with a special UV inhibitor to reflect the sun’s rays.

Drainage Perforations

Outdoor artificial turf should be made to withstand rain. This means that it must have drainage perforations, or an advanced drainage system that allows the rain to naturally go through the turf and drain to a designated location. Without an advanced drainage system, synthetic turf used in the outdoors will flood and eventually grow mold, mildew, and bacteria. Before you purchase artificial grass that will be using to landscape your home or create a beautiful lawn, make sure it features a state-of-the-art drainage system.

Special Infill

Another feature that is very important for outdoor synthetic turf is infill, or the material placed in between the blades of the artificial grass. The right infill can help protect the grass, while the wrong infill will only end up causing more problems down the line. When researching infill, look for a product that fights bacteria, mold and mildew. While the ultimate purpose of infill is to stand up the blades like natural grass, today’s advanced infill has the power to also combat bacteria, shed water, and prevent dust from accumulating on the turf.


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