Tips on Buying School Shoes for Kids

Young people all tend to have lofty dreams for the future.  If your little one claims that he will someday be a wealthy business tycoon with his own yo yo factory, you will naturally support him in achieving that goal.  But in order to take a step- pun intended- towards that direction, he will of course have to wear comfortable and durable shoes to help him get through the grueling school days ahead.   If you’re doing some last minute shopping before school opens this year, here are some tips on buying school shoes:

Measure a finger’s width between the tip of your child’s toe and the shoe.  This should give enough room for his feet to grow.

Have him walk around the store with the new shoes on.  This will allow him to get a feel of the shoes before you actually decide to buy them.

See how it rubs against his ankle.  When it digs into the ankle, that can be too painful.

Buy shoes in the afternoon, when your kid’s feet have expanded.

More than style, comfort and durability should be your priority when picking out school shoes for your kid.


  1. CinnyBBS says

    Comfy shoes definitely are the way to go, no matter what age you’re at. 🙂
    Whirlwind of Surprises

  2. wow~try it!!

  3. Sherry says

    I need my baby boy walk around but he prefer sits down

  4. Sherry says

    @CinnyBBS this is good tips

  5. Too bad I didn’t read this sooner.

  6. @LOURDES it’s not too late to read now

  7. hehe,yaya its not too late

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