Tips on Fishing with the Family

You probably couldn’t count the number of times you hang out at the mall with your kids, or the hours you spent fiddling with the Wii consoles with your boys.  If you’ve done these bonding activities so many times that they’re are starting to get a bit boring for your children, don’t fret as there is an alternative which can even prove to be more fun: fishing with your kids!

Following Grandma’s advice to get out there and feel the wind on their cheeks couldn’t be more right.  Kids- and grownups- do need to get some fresh air once in a while to help rejuvenate.

What are the things to remember when going out fishing with the kids?  Set some basic rules for your kids to strictly follow.  Remind them that there will be no running, and they should always look around first before they cast a line.

Make sure that they have their floatation devices on, whether they’re on the boat, on the dock or on the shore.

Remember to bring along a fish net with a long handle.  That will come in handy not just for netting fish, but in case you’ll have to retrieve something or somebody who fell into the water.

Insect repellant and sunscreen are the essentials on any outdoor trip with the family.  Also, don’t forget to bring a first aid kit.

So pack your fishing gear in your mountain hardwear backpack, put on that fishing hat, and most of all, remember to have fun!

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