Tools for an Organized Mom

When I was growing up, most families had an average of three to four children. Now with a child of my own, I wonder how those moms were able to juggle all the demands of an entire brood without going loco. I have come to appreciate some organizational tools that are not only helpful on the work front but on the home front as well. Read about the three Cs of Mommy organization:

Checklist – listing down everything that you need and have to do is a good way to keep track of what you need to buy or do. Don’t list things down on random pieces of paper. Get a notepad or a notebook that you can use to jot down your daily task list, your grocery list, your school shopping list, and whatever other list you need to make. Add or tick off items in your lists as necessary.

Calendar – keep track of your schedule with a family calendar that is synched with your personal calendar. Aside from your own personal daily schedule, you have to keep a monthly calendar. One trick that could help you keep track of the activities of the entire family is to use a big desk calendar that each family member can fill out with their own schedules using a marker in their assigned color.

Calculator – cash flow is something that can turn a mommy’s world topsy-turvy. Not a few mommies list money matters as one of their biggest concern in managing the household. Taking the time to sit down and plan out your monthly expenses will help you figure out how you can make ends meet. By planning your budget, you can easily create a strategy to cut down on or totally scrap out certain expense lines.

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