Top 4 Tips To Prepare For Your Very First RV Family Trip

Top 4 Tips To Prepare For Your Very First RV Family Trip


Going on an RV road or camping trip is one of the best ways you can forge long lasting memories and have enjoyable unforgettable experiences. You get to temporarily put the stresses of your day-to-day life and  explore entirely new areas of the country that you had always wanted to see.


That being said, going on an RV trip is more than just renting an RV and driving out to places unknown. You have to carefully plan out the trip from which specific type of RV you’ll be using to what you’ll be bringing and more.


Here are the top four tips to prepare for your very first RV family trip:


Pick Your RV Carefully


Regardless of whether you are renting or buying an RV, you should choose your model carefully. There are many different factors that you must take into consideration, but perhaps the most important factor is the amount of space the RV has.


There must be enough space in your RV for each family member to have their own personal space, as well as enough space for eating and sleeping. If you have a larger family, then this will necessitate you buying or renting a larger RV, which will be more expensive.


Determine What Amenities You Need and Want


Before purchasing or renting an RV, make a checklist of the basic amenities you would like your RV to have (or need it to have) and then try and select an RV that comes with as many of those amenities as possible.


Examples of amenities that would be necessary to have in your RV include running water, sewage equipment, and a cooking station with an refrigerator and microwave.


Examples of amenities, or perhaps more appropriately luxuries, which would be nice to have would include an oven, a cooking stove, a hideaway bed, emergency survival equipment (radios, first aid equipment, space blankets, ponchos, etc.), a washing machine, and so on.


Have Your Kids Learn Basic Survival Skills


Since your RV trip may take you into relatively remote places in the United States away from civilization, it will be important for each member of your family (and especially your kids) to learn basic survival skills that they can use should they become stranded in a worst case scenario.


Examples of basic survival skills that you should all know include how to build a fire ( has six separate methods for how you can do so), how to treat basic injuries, how to navigate, and how to build a shelter.


Make A Checklist Of Items To Bring With You


The next thing for you to do is to make a checklist of everything that you will need to bring on your RV trip.


Packing your RV is ultimately just as important as choosing the RV itself. Examples of items you will need to bring include extra clothes, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, personal hygiene items, games and movies, food and water, and medications.


Your First RV Family Trip


Overall these will be the top four tips for you to follow as you embark on your next RV trip with your family.



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