Top Gardening Tech: The Best Android Apps for People with Green Thumbs

Top Gardening Tech: The Best Android Apps for People with Green Thumbs


With the average British gardener spending over £30,000 on their garden during a lifetime, it’s clear to see that many people value gardening highly enough to spend high amounts of hard-earned money on. In fact, recent statistics have shown gardening is growing on young people too, with more 20-somethings taking up gardening than ever before.


With gardening’s increasing popularity within the younger generation, gardening apps for Android have boomed. So, if you’re looking for some affordable gardening tech to accompany your green thumbs, keep reading to discover the best Android apps for the job!


Gardroid Vegetable Garden


Perfect if your green thumbs extend further than flowers and shrubs to growing vegetables, Gandroid Vegetable Garden gives you all the tips and tricks you need to have your very own flourishing vegetable patch. Featuring common vegetables almost everyone will enjoy, this app will teach you everything from planting depth to how much sun each individual vegetable needs.


Better still, you’re given a simple-to-use graph that spans the entire year, helping you work out when to plant and harvest each vegetable. Ideal for both beginners and more experienced gardeners who just want a helping hand, Gandroid Vegetable Garden is a great app to extend your gardening skills.


Weather Live Free


As with any outdoor hobby, the weather is always a factor that must be taken into account. But sometimes, simply using weather sites isn’t enough as they’re rarely 100% up-to-date and likely won’t give intricate-enough detail to determine your gardening schedule: this is where Weather Live Free comes in!


Specifically formulated for Android, this free app allows you to instantly check both local and worldwide weather, as well as accurate wind speed and precipitation statistics. Giving you a fully-detailed insight into weather you can expect in your garden, check out this weather app by Apalon Apps and you’ll easily be able to adapt your gardening schedule at the click of a button.


Like That Garden – Flower Search


Ideal if you love exploring other gardens and expanding your knowledge, this app allows you to quickly identify almost any flower or plant you may come across. Instead of a lengthy internet search trying to find the name of a particular flower that catches your eye, this app allows you to simply take a picture of the flower/plant and will identify it for you – in seconds!


Giving you endless inspiration for your garden without wasting your time searching for new plants yourself, a quick photograph is all you need for this app to take all the complex identification work off your hands.


Gardening has been a notoriously popular hobby for the older generation but, now younger people are getting green thumbs of their own, gardening apps are booming in popularity. If you’re new to gardening, or simply just want some extra inspiration to spruce up your existing garden, the above apps are great options to start with as they cover weather, vegetables, plants and flowers – everything you need to achieve that dream garden!
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