Travel Safety and Comfort for Toddlers with BubbleBum’s Booster Seat

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Traveling to different places both local and abroad is one of our favorite leisure activities. Regardless of where we travel, Sean’s comfort and enjoyment is our priority. Keeping an eye out for travel buddies that can help us do the job is one way to ensure a stress free trip for the whole family. Aside from our travel kit, snack baggies, and box of tricks, a booster seat is a travel necessity that we take seriously. It keeps our little boy seated safely and comfortably during the journey and is also handy in dining establishments that do not have high chairs available. The one that we use right now is probably the most practical and convenient one around, a booster seat from BubbleBum.

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This lightweight and inflatable seat is designed to fit the lifestyle of frequent travelers or busy families. Our old booster seat was a bit bulky so we just leave it in the car at all times. This means that we have to request for toddler car seats whenever we rent a car during our travels and ask for a high chair when dining out. What I love about the BubbleBum inflatable car booster seat is the lightweight and compact design that makes it portable for any means of travel. It weighs less than ½ lbs. and can be deflated then folded to fit in school bags or handbags.

The first time we used it on a commute, Sean was able to bring it on its inflated state and set it on the cab. I also had no trouble securing him in the cab with the seatbelt straps snuggly fitted across his torso and lap. Inflating and deflating it is also easy, there is no need for extra tools because you simply have to blow air in the valve using your mouth. There’s also no need to worry about running out of air as it only takes about 20 seconds to inflate it. Lightweight, compact, safe, and portable, these are booster seat qualities that travel buffs would love for a safe and comfy trip with their kids.

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  1. Perfect when traveling with younger children!

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