Troubleshooting your Dishwasher

Surely, many of us have encountered different problems when it comes to our dishwasher. If you do not know how to fix them, below steps wills definitely help you get your dishwasher back into action.

If your dishwasher will not turn one, check unlocked door, check if you have set your selector button at the right position, make sure that your dishwasher is connected to a power outlet, check for some loose wires or a defective timer.

If at any given time you find errors in the checked areas, have some remedies done like relocking the door and checking the timer and selector button setting. You can also check your fuse box or circuit breaker to make sure that your dishwasher has power, check your door switch and tall the terminals of your timer and motor, and if proven defective, replace your dishwasher’s timer.


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