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  1. jsblahblahblog & pinkninjablog twitter buttons aren’t working…

  2. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says

    @jsblahblahblog was not found so I went to the website and found this one @SJBlahBlahBlog . @pinkninjablog was not found so I went to the website and found this one @PinkNinjaBlogg

  3. denise smith says

    i got the same message as betsy did above

  4. Kristal Orr says

    Tried pinkninjablog and jsblahblahblog was not found

  5. Ginger Furr says

    I did the same thing that Betsy did!

  6. Kimberly Davis says

    All followed. Thank you!

  7. MaryLou Sakosky says

    followed all thks gl all

  8. already followed 🙂

  9. Tanya Phillips says


  10. Got em.

  11. TY I have followed them all.

  12. Kim Gorman says

    All Done!!!

    Thanks a million…….

  13. Karen Hand says

    Followed all. Thanks.

  14. serena adkins says

    Following all the above.

  15. followed all..thanks
    more power

  16. followed all!!!

  17. followed all!! 🙂

  18. All Followed @mimarzona! woot! woot!will be back for more entries! for the hello fall giveaway!

    thanks a million

  19. @SerialSweeper got all!

  20. following all 7

  21. Shelly Herzhaft says

    Follow all 🙂

  22. all done

  23. Done

  24. Connie Hanson says

    followed all

  25. followed all

  26. followed them all. thanks

  27. tammy young says

    followed all but cant follow no more right now

  28. Cindy Kostaneski says


  29. Cheryl Gangwer says

    Followed all!

  30. laya florendo says

    following!!! 😀

  31. Eegeeboy miranda says

    followed everyone! thanks!

  32. ellen lumaro says

    followed all

  33. followed.. please follow back =)

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