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  1. jsblahblahblog & pinkninjablog twitter buttons aren’t working…

  2. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says:

    @jsblahblahblog was not found so I went to the website and found this one @SJBlahBlahBlog . @pinkninjablog was not found so I went to the website and found this one @PinkNinjaBlogg

  3. denise smith says:

    i got the same message as betsy did above

  4. Kristal Orr says:

    Tried pinkninjablog and jsblahblahblog was not found

  5. Ginger Furr says:

    I did the same thing that Betsy did!

  6. Kimberly Davis says:

    All followed. Thank you!

  7. MaryLou Sakosky says:

    followed all thks gl all

  8. already followed 🙂

  9. Tanya Phillips says:


  10. Got em.

  11. TY I have followed them all.

  12. Kim Gorman says:

    All Done!!!

    Thanks a million…….

  13. Karen Hand says:

    Followed all. Thanks.

  14. serena adkins says:

    Following all the above.

  15. followed all..thanks
    more power

  16. followed all!!!

  17. followed all!! 🙂

  18. All Followed @mimarzona! woot! woot!will be back for more entries! for the hello fall giveaway!

    thanks a million

  19. @SerialSweeper got all!

  20. BrendaLea says:

    following all 7

  21. Shelly Herzhaft says:

    Follow all 🙂

  22. all done

  23. Done

  24. Connie Hanson says:

    followed all

  25. followed all

  26. followed them all. thanks

  27. tammy young says:

    followed all but cant follow no more right now

  28. Cindy Kostaneski says:


  29. Cheryl Gangwer says:

    Followed all!

  30. laya florendo says:

    following!!! 😀

  31. Eegeeboy miranda says:

    followed everyone! thanks!

  32. ellen lumaro says:

    followed all

  33. followed.. please follow back =)

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