Ultracool Diaper Bag for the Cool Daddy from Daddy Scrubs

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Walk through any store’s baby merchandise section and you’ll notice that diaper bags were designed with babies and mommies in mind. Most come in pastel colors with whimsical decors to engage little children’s imaginations while some come in chic designs that appeal to fashionable moms. Well, these leave dads with no choice but to sling these diaper bags that cramp their style. I’m sure you’ve seen quite a number of hunky men toting dainty pink or baby blue bags while looking after their young children in the park or in the playground. Adorable as it may look, I’m sure these dads wish there were diaper bags made for men. I know my husband Jules did.

And his wish was granted when we came across Daddy Scrubs a site that offers lots new dad gifts . I got him the Daddy Scrubs’ Daddy Diaper PackTM ($69.95), cool Daddies can still look macho while taking care of the wee ones. I know that my husband appreciates not having to carry one of our cute diaper bags anymore. With the black Daddy Diaper Pack, he can look like the hunk of a husband he is during his bonding trips with our little Sean.

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The backpack is very functional with multiple compartments and pockets to keep everything organized and easy to grab. Diapers, wipes, and extra clothes fit well inside the main compartment while soiled clothing can be kept separate inside the smaller one. There’s an insulated cooler pocket that’s great for keeping our little Sean’s snacks. It has mesh side pockets too that keep baby bottles and sippy cups within easy reach. The front pocket is compartmentalized to keep small items such as rattles and pacifiers or keys and bills in order. Oh, and let’s not forget that fleece-lined pocket for keeping sunglasses safe from scratches. Now you really know that this backpack was designed with cool Daddies in mind!

Clips on the straps make taking the backpack off easy which means it won’t take forever to remove the backpack to get something from inside it. This backpack will also come in handy when we hit the beaches this summer with its skater straps that can be used to hook sand pails, beach towels, flip flops, or summer hats. The bag is made of polyester so there’s no need to worry about it getting soiled with sand and spills. Clean up is a breeze with just a quick wipe.
The Daddy Diaper PackTM is just one of the cool products Daddy Scrubs designed for the men in our little ones’ lives. Of course, there are the scrub suits that started the business. Then a wide selection of expectant father gifts like  comfy shirts and sweater, water bottles, mugs, and other accessories.

Another product I’m thinking of getting for my husband is the Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox ($49.95). It’s really perfect for Dads! If you’re looking for a gift for your husband or for a friend who’s soon to be a new dad, the Daddy Diaper PackTM and the Daddy Diaper Changing ToolboxTM would both be absolutely perfect. They’re both simple and functional yet totally rock!

Check out this video from the creator of Daddy Scrubs!

Check them out!


  1. good idea

  2. Winningmama2013 says

    This is such a great idea. My husband probably wouldn’t have complained so much about the pink and coral and lavender diaper bags that I had purchased when we had our daughter. He carried them, but always had something to say, I feel that if we had one of these for him, and then one for me in the colors and styles i wanted to carry we would have had a much smoother diaper bag situation.

  3. That’s awesome the DaddyScrubs gifts..Its different..intertesing..

  4. Jessica Fortner says

    I love the idea of a seperate diaper bag just for him. Just as we like our feminine details, they don’t want to tote around any girly looking stuff. :p Plus we don’t have to worry about them moving around all of our essentials.

  5. Mel Caluag says

    Finally! A product that makes daddies look less awkward. Good stuff!

  6. oh my, this is so cool. my husband would love this than carrying my lady diaper bag 🙂

  7. Ashia Austin says

    Haha I love this. Daddies need to proudly carry the diaper bag too!

  8. Thanks for this post,it’s cute.

  9. What a nice gift idea.

  10. This is an amazing site. I absolutely think you guys are on to something. Concentrating and making products for daddies. That backpack is adorable. wonderful site I hope your in Canada or ship to Canada . I have 3 sons but I do have a great niece who is like my daughter, whos about to have her second child and her husband is a wonderful husband and doting daddy

  11. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! Must get my hubby one

  12. Cool! If I was going to have more babies, I would definitely get one for my hubby. Unfortunately our baby days are over 🙁

  13. Much cooler than the duck themed one I toted a decade ago….

  14. Daun Richert Slagle says

    Really love this new line for dads.. never knew about it before a couple of days ago.. I think its great to get dads integrated into the bonding immediately.. And no i’m sure a lot of them despised having those pink diaper bags over their shoulders in the grocery store downtown..They should feel comfortable too.. and this is a great way to really get them on board..

  15. Alison King says

    That’s a great idea! I’m sure dads would appreciate being able to carry around what they need but not having the world know that it’s a diaper bag!

  16. I would love to get this for my husband!

  17. Awww. I love this ‘diaper bag’ so much. It’s so perfect.

  18. Michelle S says

    Cool; my husband doesn’t care about what others think when he carries a “mommy” diaper bag 🙂

  19. The diaper daddy backpack is great for a gift for any shower. most daddies would proudly carry one. They look so cool compared to a normal diaper bag. I am 72 and I think they would have been more convenient.

  20. Brenda Leon says

    A fantastic idea for the dads! I would get one for my husband if we had another child! He would love it!!

  21. Adrienne McElwain says

    Wish I had known about these when our second was born (wasn’t available when our first was born). But I would love to give the brother in law a pair!

  22. This looks like a diaper bag that would hold up to the challenge. It is hard to find bags that are built for dads.

  23. What a fun gift idea!

  24. My husband would love this – it’s simple and masculine!

  25. Lily @Militaryfamof8 says

    that is absolutely adorable!

  26. Sacha Schroeder says

    I think this is a great bag for a mom too!

  27. Constance smith says

    I love this line and idea. It’s a fantastic way to help daddy prepare for baby and feel extra special!!!

  28. william saylor says

    It is so cool the make stuff for dads I love it.

  29. cool! now dad can carry their own diaper bag when outing:)

  30. rochelle haynes says


  31. yvonne dewolf says

    This looks nothing like a traditional diaper bag, looks great for the handy daddy

  32. Vicki Hale says

    well, it is about time! Dads are so important to a child’s life, it is nice that they can feel comfortable about carrying the necessary equipment for their child. Thank you Vicki

  33. Diane Sallans says

    sometimes I think Dad’s get a bit excluded – like for the baby showers – this is a great idea!

  34. tasha sturdivant says

    love it!!!!!

  35. Beckie Amidon Austin says

    What a great idea! I would have liked that as a woman as well – much more functional and easy to carry…

  36. Katie Knapp says

    My hubby would have loved it!!

  37. Darlene Jones-Nelosn says

    I think that this a very professional item for a man to carry.

  38. My oldest son & his wife are due with their first child in March. I will be grandmother for the 1st time!

  39. Love this. It is so great, they get to help with the baby’s diaper bag while still feeling manly.

  40. So awesome to learn that he can get some baby gear that isn’t amit daddy. Love this!

  41. Kathy Peterson says

    this is a really great idea…I know my son never thought about it this way. Having baby stuff made just for the dad is great.

  42. wendy mastin says

    I would love for my son-in-law. Their baby is due in April and he is so excited.

  43. shanna kimmel says

    my husband would love one of these diaper bags. ours looks kind of like a purse, and he hates carrying it. this one wouldn’t rob him of his masculinity and thrill him that it has a special spot for his coveted sunglasses. it also meets my approval for being able to hold and organize everything.

  44. Nice diaper bag backpack! No Daddy would complain about that!

  45. natalie nichols says

    I love it. My husband would be so happy to have one of these.

  46. md kennedy says

    Great idea – now the men have no reason to complain about carrying the diaper bag!

  47. ashley curtiss says

    I just love this, finally a daddy can be proud to carry the bag 🙂 Love this, thanks so much.

  48. Ashley Parks says

    Love this bag and I know my hubby would too! He HATES carrying the diaper bag since (he says) its so “girly looking” thrown over his shoulder! This is a perfect gift idea for him and baby #2! 🙂

  49. Amanda Greene-Lebeck says

    I love it, and my husband would have loved it when our daughter was born. Too bad I didnt know about this then:/

  50. This is SOOOOO adorable! I’m thinking about getting this for my brother who is going to be a new daddy in just a few months! Thanks for the review!

  51. a great gift idea; love it!

  52. Papito Bello says

    Finally something for the guy who loves to take care of his baby.

  53. Donna McGee Holman says

    So glad they finally game out with backpack diaper bags! If I were young and expecting more children, I’d have to have one…to prevent future back problems! Kudos to you for getting one for your hubby!

  54. very nice 🙂

  55. Jayme Hennessy says

    I think is actually a diaper bag that my husband would not mind carrying.

  56. Love this

  57. I love the idea of the tool box! I already found my husband a nfl diaper bag, but if I hadn’t this would have been on my list!

  58. I already found a diaper bag for our little one due in April that my husband doesn’t mind carrying but if I hadn’t, this would’ve been a great option.

  59. Will be a nice gift for a certain someone.

  60. Michelle Perez says

    I bought a leather Harley Davidson diaper bag so my fiance wouldn’t mind carrying it but I backpack diaper bag would probably be more his style.

  61. Heather Colvin says

    Dads always seem to be in the background. Finally something special for DAD!

  62. we are pregnant with baby 7, this is exactly what my husband needs

  63. linda smith says

    Cute idea

  64. amber beer says

    love this idea

  65. william saylor says

    I love this bag my nephew and his wife are expecting after trying for many years they would love this.

  66. Cheryl Burns says

    Great idea, just in time for a New Father’s Day Gift.

  67. Fee (Phyllis) Roberts says

    This is such a wonderful idea. Back in my day the daddies weren’t thought of that much. It was always the mamas’ time. I’m glad to see that way of thinking is being left behind =D

  68. Gorgeous tumblers!


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