Undergoing Surgery for a Cardiac Aneurysm

An aneurysm in any part of the body can be a fatal condition. This weakening of a wall in a person’s body can quickly shut down vital organs and cause immense pain before a person finally succumbs to the condition. When a patient has a cardiac aneurysm, however, that person can undergo surgery at New York University Cardiac Center to remove the threat to his or her heart. The surgery can involve different procedures, depending on how extensive the damage is to that organ.

In its simplest form, the operation will entail the doctors removing the part of the aorta that has the aneurysm in it and grafting synthetic material in its place to restore the heart. This option is done on people whose aneurysms have yet to affect other branches of the aorta. If the damage is quite extensive, doctors may choose to bypass the vessels or repair them if necessary.

This operation is considered to be major surgery and does involve that the patient be put under general anesthesia. Doctors must cut open the patient’s chest to inspect the damage and remove the aneurysm. Because the heart physicians will have grafted material into the aorta or bypassed the vessels in the organ, depending on the patient’s circumstances, that individual may have to stay in the hospital for upwards of five days. During the person’s recovery period, he or she may stay in the intensive care unit before he or she is moved to a private room.

When people undergo this procedure, however, they want the assurance that their team of surgeons will know how to undo or minimize the damage done by the aneurysm. Hospitals such as this one routinely carry out these operations and keep trained doctors on staff for such emergencies. Their experience could mean that patients can go back to their normal lives with fewer complications.

It is also vital that patients understand that any number of factors could have caused their aneurysm. Genetics are known to play a role in people developing this condition. Aneurysms can grow as well because of people’s lifestyle habits. Doctors can help patients determine how and why their own conditions developed. Having this information can help people be more aware of this danger to their health. They may be able to recover from their surgeries and go back to their lives with all of the information they need to heal.

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