Unique Anniversary Gifts for the Wife

Actions, they say, speak louder than words.  Well, more than actions, gifts scream the loudest.  If you want to let your wife know that you love her so much, make no second thoughts about getting unique anniversary gifts for wife dearest.  What gifts can you give her without sounding so run-of-the-mill?

Since it’s your anniversary, you’d want to relive the first time you met.  If you can, get someone to serenade your wife at the door.  Have him sing your favorite song as a couple.  What would be totally unique? If you sang the song yourself!  You don’t have to be in perfect pitch to sing to her.

Get personal.  To add a more loving touch to your gifts, have some jewelry personalized.  Get your names engraved on a ring, or on some charms to add to her charm bracelet.

Whatever you decide to get your wife on your anniversary, remember that it’s all about celebrating that important milestone in your married life.  Forget about the price tag… make it special.


  1. Sherry says

    Wonderful ideas, wish my dear can give me unique anniversary gift

  2. Jewelry is a very good option.

  3. @LOURDES I think no woman would say no to jewellery

  4. Emily McMurphy says

    Excellent advice! I will have to drop hints to my boyfriend. 😉

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