Unique Decorative Ideas for your Home

You may think your decorative choices are limited to freshening up your curtains, wallpapering your walls and picking out new carpets, but if you want to give your home a truly unique feel there are many different techniques you can use. Whether you’re prettying up a washing machine, giving an old arm chair a new lease of life or creating ornaments from unlikely materials, you can create a home that is a feast for the eyes.

Wallpaper isn’t just for walls – it can be used to great effect on the inside and outside of tired looking furniture to give it a whole new look. An ugly filing cabinet bringing down the look of your study can be painted and wallpapered over the drawer fronts to make a statement, while wallpaper on the inside of a chest of drawers gives a bright and unexpected edge to older furniture.

Modern appliances are wonderful time-savers, but they’re not always the prettiest objects in our homes. If your dour washing machine is bringing you down, bright coloured wall decals can quickly give it a funky look. You can also easily make your fridge practical as well as attractive by painting the doors with chalkboard paint and adorning it with your doodles.

Old furniture doesn’t have to be destined for the dump: if the dark wood of your hand-me-down chest of drawers looks tired, painting and distressing the drawers can give it a shabby-chic edge, while replacing the handles can make a big difference its modernity. This doesn’t just apply to wooden furniture – did you know that even upholstery can be uplifted with a quick coat of paint? By mixing latex satin paint, fabric medium and water, you can create a paint that can be brushed over couch cushions and throw pillows for a whole new look.

If you’d prefer just to add some decoration to your home, you can create interesting lamp shades simply by blowing up round balloons, or exercise balls, and coating them in doilies or string along with a setting agent. An on-trend vintage suitcase can also be reused to great effect: with a couple of legs it becomes a table, while attaching a mirror to the front and adding shelves inside will convert it to a medicine cabinet.

There really is no limit to the things you can do to your home but your imagination, so get dreaming!

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