Unload the Junk, Save a Chunk

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You can gain a lot from off loading the junk from your life.  This “cleansing” comes not only in the area of nutrition and logistics but also in terms of your personal well-being.  Let’s take a look at each one and see how we can save a chunk of our budget by simply unloading junk:

  1. Nutritional Junk – this one is easy to chalk up.  Just by looking at your grocery receipt, you can already total your spending in foods that do not add to your nutritional supply.  Ditch the chips and sugary drinks in favor of fresh fruits and whole grain nibbles like granola bars and trail mix.  Your children will be fuller longer and will have stronger immune systems to ward off germs and viruses.
  2. Physical Junk – with children around the house, it is easy to accumulate junk.  From clothes to toys and school stuff, there are a lot of things that could be more useful for other people.  Try unloading by having a garage sale to sell your excesses.  You can use the money that you will get from your garage sale for your other household expenses or for whatever needs your children might have.
  3. Emotional Junk – the emotional junk that you accumulate over time is most often neglected until it overflows into an unexplainable mess.  Forgive and forget is a trite adage but wise nonetheless.  Unload your emotional baggage and keep on moving forward, letting the more important things in life fill your heart and mind – you’ll save a lot of money in medical expenses by avoiding health problems associated with stress and anxiety.

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