Useful Tips to Give Medication to Your Pet

Useful Tips to give medication to your pet

If you have a pet, you are likely to agree to French poet and novelist Anatole France’s opinion that until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. Pets are pure bundles of joy that can fill your heart with warmth and compassion. Spending time with your pet can be a relaxing experience in itself. But what happens if you find your pet to be unwell or suffering from some kind of discomfort? Wouldn’t you want to give them proper medication and nurse them back to health? However, administering medication to a pet is easier said than done. As a pet owner, it is your duty to ensure that your pet receives the required medications on time and in a proper manner. Here are a few essential tips to give medication to your pet:

Complete the prescribed medication

Make it a point to follow the prescription and complete the medication. Giving medication to a pet is often a challenging task. That is why many pet owners are tempted to give the medications a miss once their pet starts feeling better. But doing this can actually prove to be harmful to your pet’s health in the long run. In fact, your pet may need to be given a second round of the medication if the first round fails to cure the issue. To avoid such hassles for yourself and your pet, always administer the whole prescription.

Follow the time schedule of medication

Regardless of how unwilling your pet may be to take the medications, always follow the time schedule prescribed for giving the medications. For instance, if your veterinarian advises you to give a particular veterinary medicine to your pet at a gap of four hours, try to do so carefully. Not following the time schedule properly can adversely affect the health of your pet. Of course, you would never want your pet to suffer due to your negligence. So, always remember to give the medications on time.

Share pet medication details with your veterinarian

When you consult your veterinarian, always reveal about all the medications that you are administering to your pet. Even if you are giving your pet something as common as a vitamin supplement, do not forget to mention this to your vet. This is necessary to be done because such things can interact with the medications prescribed by your vet and harm your pet. Sometimes the risk is not of the interaction of different medications but of other conditions that can develop as a result of the same. For example, if your vet is unaware that you are giving your pet a vitamin supplement and if he/she recommends a dose of the same, it can cause your pet to suffer from over nutrition.

Remember follow-up appointments

If your vet schedules a follow-up appointment for your pet, do not miss it. Sometimes your vet may not set a follow-up appointment. In such cases, schedule one yourself before you complete the prescription for your pet. This will help to establish whether your pet has fully recovered from the problem or is there a need for a second round of medication or a different type of medication to be administered. After all, a vet is the best person to judge whether your pet is fully fit or not.

Adopt different ways to administer different medicine types

You may be required to give different kinds of medicines to your pet. These may include pills, liquid medicines, and even injections. Obviously, you can’t follow the same method to give such varied medications. What you need to do is to adopt different strategies to administer the medicines. For example, if you need to give a capsule or a pill, you can hide the same in your pet’s favorite snack or food. For giving liquid medicines, you can take the help of a syringe to put the same into your pet’s mouth. In the case of shots or injections, you may need the help of a veterinary clinic staff if you are not confident of handling the task yourself.

Get your pet medications from dependable sources

Always make sure to get medicines for your pet from trusted places or sources. If you order your pet medicines online, ensure that the delivery is made on time. When it is the question of your pet’s health, it is advisable not to take chances with anything. That is why you need to go for a dependable online pet pharmacy like that caters to all aspects of animal health care. Such a pharmacy will be able to provide you with all kinds of medicines and other supplies needed for your pet’s health. In other words, you won’t have to spend time and energy looking for a trusted source of pet medicines and supplies every time you want to order something for your pet.

Don’t risk injury to your pet

Administering medications to your pet is a task that can demand a lot of patience and determination on your part. But sometimes, even that may not be enough to get the job done. If at any point in time you feel that you will end up hurting your pet while giving medicines, stop immediately. Then call your vet and seek advice. You may also ask your vet for a different formulation of the prescribed medicine. There are several pet medications that are available in different forms. So, if you find that your pet is unwilling to swallow the pill you gave, ask your vet if the same formulation is available in a liquid form.   

A pet is no less than a stress buster. But an unwell pet can leave you in a stressed state of mind. Instead of becoming nervous or excited over the issue, try to approach the problem with a calm head. By adopting a loving approach and by following the tips mentioned above, you will be able to handle the situation well. So, forget about becoming stressed over administering medicines to your pet and get ready to make the experience an enjoyable one for yourself as well as your pet.

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