Using Windows to Tackle Two Unlikely Eco Issues

Using Windows to Tackle Two Unlikely Eco Issues

Over the years most of us have had the environmental benefits of window blinds drilled into us. Once upon a time, they were just there for decoration and privacy reasons. Now, there’s so much more to them, with many homeowners using them to regulate the temperature in their home and lessen their dependence on their boiler or air conditioning system – subject to the climate their property is based in.

Therefore, temperature is one of the key eco issues that most of talk about. However, there are a couple more that are often overlooked. Light and sound pollution are two areas which are becoming more and more talked about and when it comes to these factors in a domestic sense, they certainly shouldn’t be neglected.

Let’s start with light – the factor which coincidently contributes to the temperature control that we’ve already talked about. However, what a lot of households don’t realize is that the light filtering properties of blinds can have a much greater green benefit on their home. For example, you might be keen to block out the powerful solar rays to keep your home cool in summer, but at the same time you are also blocking out sunlight. In other words, while you might be saving on cooling costs, you’ve had to revert to synthetic light so your rooms are not cast in darkness through the day.


This is where modern developments have entered the picture. If you’re a traditionalist, something like a vertical blind will work a treat and allow you optimum control when it comes to light filtering. However, for those who want to dabble in new technology, the solar shade is how both light and temperature can be tackled in one fell swoop. These products are able to block out the hot rays, but still allow sunlight to shine through the glazing. If there ever was a definition of a best of both worlds solution this is it and means that there is little dependence on both your air conditioning system, and your light switches. 

Next, we’re onto the issue of sound. Again, this is becoming increasingly talked about, but from a domestic point of view nobody wants to reside in a property where they are the subject of noise pollution from the outdoors.

This is again where modern advancements in window treatments have stepped in. Insulated shades were brought to the market for the primary reason that they could help to prevent a home from losing heat. The principles work exactly the same from a sound perspective as well though, with the honeycomb pockets able to lock out noise from the outside as well. With some of these insulated shades arriving several layers thick, the sound defying qualities can be immense.

Of course, most people are going to associate window blinds with their temperature control principles. However, it’s worth noting that they do carry other green benefits and can be used strategically to combat them.

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