Veterinarians On Call: Caring for Your Pets like Family

Have you ever seen one of those bumper stickers with caricatures of all the family members? How many have you seen that also included their pets? I know I’ve seen a lot and this just goes to show that animals are not merely pets – they are part of the family.

Like members of the family, they also do deserve the best health care possible. This is what Dr. Linda Randall aims to provide at the Cloverleaf Animal Hospital of Ohio. Aside from giving vaccinations to pets, Cloverleaf also has facilities for sports practice and behavioral training.

Dr. Randall shows as much love as the pet owners to the animals she treats. This has endeared her to many pet owners who turn to her when their precious pets fall ill. Yes, animals do get sick and need to be diagnosed by vets for proper medication and treatment. Take for one a cat who succumbed to pneumonia which may prove fatal if untreated. Watch this video to see how Dr. Randall gives the cat a check up:

Did you see how that cat Mickey looked 0:56sec into the video? Awwww…makes me want to cuddle a cat now.

Pets like these truly deserve the best care you can afford to give them.  Make sure that yours get really check up with their fave vet and do take them to Vets on Call when they seem ill or have a sudden change in behavior.

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