Vinolicious Wine Mixers: Serving Wine Cocktails In Your Own Home

A glass of wine a day makes the heart happy and healthy.  Now once in a while turn wine into something special, and you will find yourself beaming.  Old World Gourmet Vinolicious wine mixers give your fave wine a boost of flavour and turn it into something much better than ice cold wine.  Call it a wine slushie if you would or perhaps wine cocktail for a more sophisticated touch.

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Vinolicious wine mixers are quite easy to prepare and can be used with any of your favorite wines.  Combine one pack of mixers and 750 ml of wine in a pitcher or freezer bag, stir, and freeze for at least 3 hours.  Some variants require additional water in the same amount as the wine. When ready to serve, allow to thaw for a few minutes then whisk to desired consistency.  Can’t wait for a few hours?  Empty the pack and wine bottle into a blender, add plenty of ice and blend until smooth.  As simple as that and you’ve got your own cocktail drink!  I was able to try both the red and white wine packs and I am definitely loving all the flavours.

The Vinolicious Red Wine Assortment ($24) is a pack of three of the best flavours of red wine mixers – Wine Ice, Sangria Freeze, and Blueberry Pomegranate.   Wine Ice, Vinolicious’ number one selling bar mixer, is best used with a merlot or a cabernet.  The Sangria Freeze can be mixed with any red wine or even white wine.  With its citrusy taste, this wine mixer would most likely be my favorite this summer.  The Blueberry Pomegranate is a bit too sweet for my taste.  It was actually more like a frozen fruit drink that you can have it for dessert.  Put it in a bowl and eat it like a granita.

The Vinolicious White Wine Assortment ($24) includes three signature wine mixers best mixed with white wine – Margarita Freeze, Lemoncillo Freeze, and Peach Bellini.  Try any of these and I guarantee you that you’ll never want to have just plain white wine again – ever.  All these three wine mixers would be perfect for brunches with my girl friends.  Although the Margarita and Lemoncillo are both excellent, I’d say that the Peach Bellini is my favorite in this trio.

These would especially be great for summer night parties we plan to host in our home.  I bet our guest would think we hired a mobile bar to serve cocktails.   Oh, and since you can freeze these mixes in a bag, you can easily take them to picnics or beach outings and even to fishing trips.  What’s even more wonderful is that you can refreeze the mix until you have consumed everything so nothing goes to waste.

Aside from these wine mixers, Old World Gourmet Vinolicious also has cocktail mixers that I’m raring to try.  If they’re as good as the wine mixers, they’d be staples in our fridge as well.  These mixers make great gifts for friends and for party hosts.  If you’d be giving it as a gift, try getting the Party in the Pitcher which would definitely be a hit in any party.


  1. Meg Tucker says

    Woohoo! I love the idea of the Party Pitchers! A lot!

  2. Melissa Smith says

    I love this idea! Even better with them already made into assortments for whites & reds which takes all of the guessing out.

  3. Go Bronson says

    OH YUM! Thanks for sharing! If only I could drink!!

  4. wendy mastin says

    What a great way to have a lot of different choices for you guests and not have to spend a lot of money

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