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Vonny Party Bag Event!

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Vonny Party Tote

When Vonny throws a party, you know it is going to be great! With this Vonny Full of Pockets Tote filled with party supplies, it’s everything you will need to host your own stunning event!

One lucky reader will a

Vonny Full of Pockets Tote $76 + $104 worth of party supplies!

Includes: Straws, garden candles, beverage napkins, party cups, design candles, deluxe surprise ball, dinner plates, & Grand Surprise Cornucopia (Filled with 15 + treasures. Items vary & include: a Crown, Confetti Popper, Bubbles, Surprize Ball, Ice Light, Good Fortune Candle, Kazoo, Wish Capsule, Party horn-1940s, Deluxe Paper Umbrella, Capsule Necklace, Magnet, Vintage-Style Toy, Retro Candy, Fortune, Quotes, Gemstone, $2 Bill, Cracker Jacks, Fun Jewelry & Ring, Balsa Airplane, Coins, Ball on Paddle, Games, Fortune Cookies, Sparklers, Fancy Party Balls with Gold Pea Shooters, Treasure Soap, Celebrate Your Birthday Week, Heart Tag & more.

We would like to say a special thanks to our generous sponsor, Vonny of LA for sponsoring our giveaway event!

Enter for your chance using the Rafflecopter form below.

This giveaway will end Thursday, 4/25 at 11:59 ET. Open to US and Canada residents 18+ and older.

Good Luck Everyone!

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  1. lori Simas says

    They sure do! We have a birthday coming up in June.

    • Love all your awesome products. My daughter has a birthday coming up and winning this would make her day extra special. Thank-you for this wikid opportunity.

  2. Of course! who doesn’t love a good party?

  3. Mimi Langer says

    All my kids love parties.

  4. Christine Koss says

    Of course and both my girls b-days are in July!

  5. My son loves parties

  6. Heather Stanley says

    My littles love parties so much that some of the stand-by party items have been moved to their play area!!! It’s cute to see them play “party” with their kitchen and food sets!! they love their M&D cupcake set 🙂

  7. Shelly Dean says

    Yes – they LOOOOOOOVE parties!

  8. Kathryn Mackey says

    This looks like fun to have parties with.

  9. My three little ones love parties and we still have three birthdays coming up this year!

  10. dineca havrilla says

    Yes, she’s already planning her 4th birthday and it isn’t until August.

  11. Elizabeth Wisniewski says

    only if they involve cake 🙂

  12. jennifer ebner says

    my kids LOVE parties! my daughter tends to get a bigger party because she’s oldest and her birthday comes first (a month before her brother’s)

  13. When they were little ones they did and now that they are grown they still do!!!

  14. peggy fedison says

    oh they both love parties!!!!!

  15. Rose Tente says

    Yes, they Love them

  16. Lynn Banks says

    Of course they do!!!

  17. Alicia Som says

    Oh my little princess LOVES parties…and she love what she calls, “Fancy Cake!” It’s Red Velvet Cake, but she thinks it’s so fancy and it’s what the princess wants for her parties!! She is so silly, but that’s why she is amazing! Love my baby girl!!! Thanks!

  18. Lisa Oliver says

    oh yes!!! They love parties!!

  19. kailee bowman says

    Of course:)

  20. YES, my daughter gets invited to too many! She is such a social butterfly I now through a small family gathering & a birthday party for her friends

  21. COOL. love it!

  22. Theresa W says

    Loves parties

  23. We love love love parties!

  24. Theresa Hagan says

    Most definitely! ! My son just had his birthday party last week & we all had a blast! ! My daughters birthday isn’t until May 26th, but she has been planning since his ended!! 🙂

  25. They sure do!!! Who doesn’t? LOL

  26. Wandatracey Tracey says

    My two little ones love parties and can go until they drop.

  27. Kathie Craig says

    My boys have loved the parties they have been to.

  28. Desiree Morrison says

    Wow what an awesome gift I would love to win. This sure would make for a great party!!!!

  29. Monica Gonzales says

    Of course!! But I think I have more fun planning their little parties.

  30. Samantha frazier says

    Great products!!

  31. Oh yes – who doesn’t love a party??

  32. Yes they loved parties when they were little.

  33. Great to win this! I’ve got three July girls.

  34. Elizabeth C says

    Yes!! We make a really big deal out of birthdays at our house:) Less presents and more activities though.

  35. My little one does love parties–it runs in the family (we all do)!

  36. nope not us, but sister loves parties. would like to win for her.

  37. marie willis says

    this would be great when the grandkids come oh yeah

  38. Jill Jacoby says

    Yes, it’s so much fun to plan parties!

  39. georgia beckman says

    They do love parties. My children are grown, but my grandchildren LOVE parties. And there are 14 of them so someone is always having a birthday party. They get so excited to see each other & play games & have treats. And even when it’s Nan Nan & Papa’s birthday, they expect a party! (even if we have to throw it ourselves, lol)

  40. Amanda Rauch says

    Oh yeah! We are getting ready to have a graduation party here in June!!

  41. Sacha Schroeder says

    YES! My daughter wants a makeover party. She can hardly wait!

  42. Beth Ann Erwin says

    My daughter loves to plan parties for everyone, including our dog!
    – Beth Ann Erwin facebook/rafflecopter

  43. Diana Ross says

    Yes! They love helping with them too!

  44. natalie nichols says

    My son loves parties. He is very social!

  45. I have 3 between the ages of 5 and 11 that L-O-V-E parties. But so do I! We have one coming up in June and she is a girly one. I can imagine her squealing with joy if she saw this come in the mail 🙂

  46. Amy Gyure says

    She loves them, her birthday is coming up in June she cant wait!!

  47. They love to party. My Daughter tries to make up reasons to have one!

  48. Lorayne Gothard says

    Oh yess!!! Parties are what they love they most!!!

  49. Oh yes…they LOVE parties

  50. Yes, he loves parties, we all do!

  51. Veronica DePrato says

    I’m due with our first (any day now!) so I can’t answer yet whether or not she loves parties 🙂

  52. Kristi F. says

    yes, we love parties!

  53. Yes! He not only loves the parties, but singing happy birthday. Doesn’t matter if he knows the people or not…if someone is singing happy birthday…he’s all up in the middle of it!

  54. Brigette Streeper says

    Yes! She is such a princess.

  55. Jessica A. says

    Yes! My little one loves parties 🙂

  56. Monica G. says

    My little girls love parties, especially when they get to help throw them!

  57. Brianne Rushing says

    Little one won’t be here until August, but mom sure likes them! 🙂

  58. Little ones and Big Ones love parties at my house!

  59. Tara Caudillo says

    Yes they all 4 do!!!

  60. I love decorating for a party…..no matter how old my kids get!!!

  61. Luana Mazzilli Allen says

    Yes they love parties !!

  62. Jessica G says

    Since I have a 3 month old, can’t answer yes or no. I imagine that she will since my family tends to have lots of parties.

  63. Yes, we all love parties!!

  64. my kids love parties

  65. Chassidy Wolf says

    Yea, she loves parties!!

  66. Carla E. Lawrence says

    In this house we all love a party!!!

  67. Katrina H says

    How cute is this??

  68. yes!!

  69. we love parties

  70. We all love parties!!!

  71. vera hanson says

    of course! everyone loves a party!

  72. Absolutely!

  73. Josie S. says

    My little nieces love to party. It’s an opportunity to dress up and play (just like pretty much every day)!

  74. My kids LOVE parties!

  75. Kirsten H. says

    Yes! It’s BBQ season here and we can’t wait to spend our hot evenings outside partying.

  76. I have a daught that will be 4 yrs old in July my mom’s birthday is in July too so we love to have party’s

  77. Christine Herbert says

    Oh Yes, my kids are just like me! Every weekend they try to think of a reason to throw a party and have everyone over!

  78. Mary A. Stovall says

    Oh yeah! My grandchildren just love when I host their birthday parties!! I’ve previous experience with their Dad ( my son ) and their Aunt ( my daughter)!

  79. Shirley Dillard says

    I love to have parties for my little girl and this would be a big help.

  80. DIANA HILL says

    Yes of course!

  81. Chandra Christine O'Connor says

    They love parties

  82. Ross Olson says

    Yes, all 4 of them like parties.
    Thank You!

  83. Debbie Moon says

    Yes they do, Thank you.

  84. Kimberly S says

    Of course my kids love parties!! :o)

  85. Andrea E. Strobel says

    Yes:) We love parties and enjoy planning them!

  86. Gricelda Castro says

    Yes! My little one loves parties

  87. Yes!! Everyone loves a good party

  88. Kayla C. says

    My son does and my little girl’s first birthday is less than 2 months away!

  89. Kathy Clark says

    My kids love parties.

  90. I would love to win this package for when I have parties for my little girl.

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