Washer-Dryer, or Separate Washing Machine and Dryer?

Being able to wash and dry your clothes at home, instead of going to the local laundrette, is a modern day convenience we sometimes take for granted. Even if we have to put up with a noisy machine, it is worth it in the long run.

For those who are tight for space in their home, a washer-dryer combo sounds like an ideal all-in-one solution. However, sometimes buying separate machines could prove to be a better option. So here are some things you should consider:


Washer-dryer combo

In addition to performing two jobs, the obvious advantages of an all-encompassing machine, are that it can be cheaper to purchase and only takes up half the space. Nonetheless, there are other things to bear in mind.

With double the amount of work to do, when compared to separate machines, a washer-dryer will be working twice as hard. Consumer advice group Which?, say that washer-dryers are susceptible to breaking down, so you run the risk of a shorter life span if you don’t have a guarantee.

To safeguard against this issue, it is a good idea to stick with trusted brands, bought from trusted retailers like the Co-operative Electrical, who will be able to offer some sort of warranty.

Other problems concern a combo’s drying ability, which doesn’t always match the washing capacity. Even though a washer-dryer will have the same sized drum as separate machines, a full load will require some clothes to be taken out for drying so that the hot air can fully circulate. Although inconvenient, it may encourage using the dryer less often, thus extending its longevity.


Separate washing machine and tumble dryer

While buying separate machines will take up more space and inevitably cost more, there are several advantages to investing that bit extra.

With less work to do, reliability is likely to be improved. Despite this, two machines are likely to be less efficient than having just one, potentially meaning more expensive energy bills.

Each machine will have been designed, created and produced with a specific task in mind, meaning it’s bound to be very good at carrying it out. More complex cycles and custom programmes will also be beneficial to the washing or drying process.

If you do not have the space or funds to purchase separate machines, then a washer-dryer is still more than capable of performing an admirable job. When push comes to shove, it’s all about personal preference – just make sure you do the research before making your purchase!



  1. Cathryn Downs says

    Stackable machines, on the other hand, are defined by two separate machines, a washer and a dryer, stacked on top of one another. These stackable machines are often a good choice for large families that still need the full capacity and functionality of a washer and dryer without having to compromise too much regarding space. Most stackable washer and dryer configurations come in the front-loading design as opposed to the top-loading design, which makes it easier to access both the washer and dryer while they are stacked.

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