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  1. sayang to jade, kung nalagay mo agad ung GFC mo dati dami ng followers, pero pwde mo pa yta marecover yun.

  2. following you back…

    Flowing Rhythms
    Family Life by Fe

  3. followed all your blogs 🙂 thanks for the visit!

  4. GossipMama says

    Im your newest follower from WBFC, hope you can follow me be too

    Pinay SAHM
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  5. followed..
    pls follow back at:

    The Peach Kitchen
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    blowing peachkisses

  6. Cielo of Brown Pinay says

    Hi Sis
    Been here from WBFC. Followed your blog already. I will appreciate it a lot if you can visit me and follow me back!!!

    Thanks & God Bless

  7. Cielo of Brown Pinay says

    Hi Jade, I just checked…google connect follower na pala ako of all your blogs..

  8. new follower of your blog from WBFC!

  9. followed you here! hope you can follow all my blogs ms. pretty! thanks!


  10. Hi! New follower here..
    My WBFC

  11. thanks for following, followed back!

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  12. blogging sahm says

    Visiting and following you from Weekend Blog Follower Caravan. Hope you can follow back my blogs.

    Thank you!!

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