Weary Bones: Easing Your Kinks and Knots

Oh those aching bones and muscles!  Mommies are no strangers to having weary bones and knotted muscles – some of us unconsciously abuse our bodies like there is no tomorrow.  The truth is, we have to keep ourselves in good physical condition to keep up with our everyday tasks and yet have enough energy left for some quality time with the family.  We are, in some ways, like athletes in training.  Our minds, bodies, and hearts should always be in top shape to go from one “leg” to another.

To ease those kinks and knots, there are a few quick tricks that are easy to squeeze into the daily routine.

  • Take a breather – it would not hurt to stop every once in a while to do some breathing exercises.  Go to a quiet place.  Close your eyes.  Inhale.  Empty your mind and try to blow out the kinks as you slowly exhale.  Do this for a couple of minutes to get a new perspective and clean slate for the rest of your tasks.
  • Stretch those muscles – you do not have to be in a yoga class to do your stretches.  You can actually do some simple arm, leg, neck, and back stretches wherever you are.  If you have been hunched over your desk doing your bills and sorting through your mail, you can stop for a while, stand up and do some torso twists and bends.
  • Have a night time soak – at the end of the day, soak those tired muscles and weary bones in a relaxing warm bath infused with your favorite scents.  A good old Epsom salt bath is a reliable soak that has been prove through generations.


Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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