What are Print on Demand Shirts?

What are Print on Demand Shirts?

To understand what print on demand shirts are, we first need to look at the concept of print on demand to understand what this process is. Basically, this process is a system whereby individual copies or smaller numbers of text can be used to print to order using digital technology and these generally, can be turned over in a fairly short space of time.


How Does this Process Work?

Now that you know what print to order is you can begin to see what print to order shirts are. There are now thousands of retailers that can offer you the chance to print your own shirts but how exactly is this process completed?

Well, there are typically two processes for shirt printing and these are screen printing and digital printing. Starting with screen printing, this process involves creating a stencil and this is known as the “screen” and layers of ink are then added to the surface of your shirt.

Each colour is added to the shirt using a different stencil and this process is done one stencil at a time until the process is complete. Eventually, your shirt will be finished and you will then be able to complete your purchase and arrange shipping.


Digital Printing to Order

On the other side of things, we have the digital printing service and some will argue that this process is more advanced and offer more options. This is a much newer process for adding artwork to a shirt and one of the key options for fast flowing print on demand shirts. The ink is directly adhered to the fabric of your shirt to complete production.

Of course, each process has its own strengths and weaknesses but generally, screen printing is the better option if you’re looking for a design full of vibrancy. You can use both services pretty easily on most of the modern retailers that offer this service.


Why Design Your Own T-Shirts?

Now more than ever, customised clothing is desired by many different types of consumer. Many people have a great idea for a piece of clothing and the ability to order print on demand shirts allows for this concept to come to fruition.

The fact that some products are printed by hand also allows for truly unique and innovative products to be created and these printing methods can also be used on other products including bottles, mugs and much more.

Shipping times and costs will vary for your shirts as there are a lot of variable factors. Some retailers will take longer than others at the production stage and the pricing will depend on where you are getting your order from – either domestic or international.


Should You Order Print on Demand?

There sure are some key advantages to getting your shirt printed and basically, if you have an idea in your head then there is every chance that it can become a reality. Consider the type of press you want to pursue and then you can locate a suitable retailer.

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