What to Expect from Family Counseling

What to Expect from Family Counseling


If you or your family is in crisis, you may want to consider therapy. Therapy, or counseling, is all about talking and about being honest about the obstacles that you perceive to be in your way. When people are close together, they often start blaming the other for any problems in the relationship, being blinded by their own faults. When speaking with a therapist, however, an independent and impartial third-party helps you to acknowledge your own faults, as well as helping both to identify ways forward.

Communication Is Key

Almost all family and relationship problems can be brought down to one single issue: communication. What family counseling aims to achieve is to once again open up the lines of communication. People, for whatever reason, stop talking to each other and stop telling their significant other about things that annoy them. Often, this is done to actually spare the other person’s feelings, but it doesn’t work. By keeping feelings locked inside, resentment starts to grow instead. Once resentment is in place, it becomes very difficult to find good in the relationship once again.

How Family Counseling Works


Different family counselors work in different ways. For instance, family counseling can be offered one to one, or for the entire family unit. It can be offered over the telephone or even online. This means that you don’t have to worry about not being able to go to counseling because of work or other commitments. It is about finding something that is convenient for your family, as the last thing you want is further stresses to be added. You do have to think about whether you feel you would benefit more from face to face contact, however.

Many people are skeptical when they first start to think about counseling. This skepticism is often, at least to a degree, caused by fear and because people find it intimidating. It is, after all, somewhat scary to confide your must personal problems in someone you don’t know. Feelings and emotions are sensitive and you may feel as if you are vulnerable. This is why you also have to think about the type of counseling that is available to you. Make sure that you speak to your counselor before you start so that you know what to expect and how they operate.

Seeking help is not a sign of weakness. Additionally, statistics have demonstrated time and time again that family therapy works and can help to reduce the rates of divorce. This does not mean that a counselor will by definition save your marriage. Indeed, in some cases, they may recommend separation. However, thanks to their help, they can make this separation amicable, rather than causing further stress and anger. Of course, this does mean that you have to be ready to accept help, and that you are ready to make a change. Counseling will leave you feeling raw, but these are feelings that you can then build on, turning it into something positive.

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