When Your Husband’s Words Hurt

Photo credit: Google Images

If your hubby starts asking you to buy weight loss pills, sure you have every right to smack him in the face, but maybe he meant it in the best possible way. Men are just lousy at communicating their feelings, that women are often left feeling worse, when they only intended to cheer you up in the first place. So, how exactly do we get our husband to be more tactful?

It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, so teaching your hubby to think before he speaks may give you a run for your money. Since relationships are built on communication, it may help for you to just be honest to him about how you feel when he makes jokes about your weight, for instance. Try talking to him when both of you are in the best of moods, so that no other issue resurfaces. If he loves you, he should be open to how you feel, and be willing to make some adjustments with regards to the way he says things.

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