Why Bamboo Flooring?


Bamboo flooring is a popular option for those who are going for a high quality look in their home. Bamboo is popular because it is a material that not too many people are using right now, which allows a homeowner to have a relatively unique look in their home. It is also less expensive than many other types of wood flooring.

How Much is Bamboo?

According to some estimates, bamboo flooring costs about $5 a square foot while pine can cost as much as $10 a square foot. After it has been purchased, bamboo flooring can be easily installed by the homeowner without much effort. However, those who wish to have someone else install it can have it done for a reasonable price. The cost of bamboo flooring installation varies by region, how much flooring needs to be installed and the price quoted by the individual contractor.

Is it Just a Fad?

There is some question as to whether or not bamboo flooring is just a fad that will pass. While homeowners are always looking for something that helps their home stand apart from the rest, the truth is that bamboo can last for just a long as other types of wood flooring. Therefore, a homeowner can get a contemporary look without having to sacrifice quality.

Put a Rug on the Floor to Have the Best of Both Worlds

If you don’t like wood flooring or don’t want a large expanse of wood flooring in your home, you can put area rugs on the wood to provide some color as well as the softness provided by the carpet. If you have kids or pets, it may be best to have carpet on part of the floor to prevent claw marks or footprints on the wood surface.

A bamboo floor can add value and provide a unique look to a home. If you are renting your home to tenants, the durable flooring could allow you to charge more for your apartment. If you are about to sell your home, the flooring that you choose could add significant value to the property.


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