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So here we are again with an awesome giveaway just for you our dear fans, readers!

About the Giveaway:

  • One lucky winner will get ANYTHING they want valued up to $200! You got it if you win get anything you want and we will order it for you. Kindle, Gift Cards, Paypal Cash, Gas Cards, Toys for the Kids, Handbag for Mom, Jewelry, ANYTHING!
  • This fabulous giveaway will begin on 2/16/13 at 12:01am EST and run until 03/17/13 at 11:59pm EST.
  • Must be 18+ to enter
  • Giveaway is open WORLDWIDE!

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One Lucky Person Wins ANYTHING valued up to $200. Use the Rafflecopter below to enter. GOOD LUCK!

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Disclosure: I am not responsible for shipping prize to winner, nor did I accept any type of payment for this event. This even is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media network. Winner needs to know that if they choose item that requires shipping payment it must be included in the $200. See Rafflecopter for full disclosure or contact Jenn at


  1. I’d just like to get books from book depository.

  2. I would like to win something for my wife!!! 😉

  3. I’d love to win the lottery!

  4. Doris Merritt says

    I think I would take the money so I can pay some bills….. that is foremost in my mind.

  5. Mia Dentice Carey says

    I need to put it to my dental work..a bridge. I would like to get a wireless printer and ink as well as some LEGOs for my son’s Easter basket.

  6. I would probably use the money for bills if I won.

  7. Brooke Adametz says

    I’d put it towards our new living room furniture!

  8. I broke the lens on my camera so it would be great to win this so I can buy a new one.

  9. kelly nicholson says

    what would you get, why would you get it\

    how about some air jordans..i wanna dunk something

  10. Steph Reed says

    oil for my apartment.

  11. cathy ddreemzz says

    there’s so many things I want kindle…. smartphone… ipod…. and the list goes on

  12. THere are a few things I’ve been dying for….. like a Wacom Bamboo tablet! I do a lot of picture editing and graphic design, and I’ve been eyeing one of these tablets for a while ! I think this tool would really help out with my graphic design work !!! I’m so excited, I just can’t justify spending money on it right now..

  13. I would take paypal – that’d help fund my online shopping addiction LOL

  14. Joanna Caffrey says

    I am a broke College student so I would choose $200 CASH! I need to pay the bills!!!

  15. Elena Toader says

    I would buy some clothes

  16. Michelle T. says

    I’d spread it out as much as I can go nuts on clothes, makeup, and cat goodies

  17. Sherry Butcher says

    I would ask for paypal to add to the money I’m saving for a new computer, laptop or desktop.

  18. Barbara Jones says

    I would use it for groceries. My husband lost his job of 15 years today!

  19. An Amazon gift card would be nice to get some stuff for the kitchen!

  20. a gift card to Tim Horton’s would be nice.

  21. I would pick PayPal cash option ’cause I’m saving money atm to start to run my own li’l home business:)

  22. Samantha Baker says

    I would use the money to help pay off my car.

  23. Get some presents for my daughters 2nd birthday:)

  24. Trick Mendoza says

    i’ll get paypal cash so i could buy a juicer that i need to start my detox program…

  25. I would get paypal cash and use it for textbooks

  26. Catherine S says

    And today I’m fantasizing about buying a set of throw cushions in spring shades to get ready for a new seeason.

  27. Carol Fuller says

    It would pay the electric bill for a month, yea

  28. I’d get a mattress for my new futon frame

  29. I would choose PayPal cash since I’m saving money to start my own li’l business:)

  30. saving for dentures

  31. April Sinclair says

    I would get the PayPal cash so I could pay bills.

  32. I’d probably get paypal cash to pay off some bills.

  33. Catherine McKeever says

    get my car fixed, I am stranded without a car!

  34. Vanessa Dalton says

    I would use it to buy groceries and items for my house.

  35. April Sinclair says

    I would like the PayPal cash and take my kids out to the movies

  36. I would buy some cute summer clothes for my vacation.

  37. Angela Figueiredo says

    I’m saving up for a trip for a friends wedding so a little extra money would really help out! Thank you! 🙂

  38. Groceries!

  39. I’d probably pay bills, and get something for my son.

  40. Samantha Mayer says

    I would buy my daughter a birthday present times are tough so this would be a big help for us 🙂



  42. Cara James says

    Pay off some bills!:)

  43. I been wanting some sushi first off.

  44. I would give it to my daughter as it was her engagement yesterday

  45. a kindle fire!

  46. Kelly Fowler says

    My cell phone is broke, and we don’t have a home phone. Being a mom of a 9 month old teething baby with no phone is NO GOOD. I would definatly buy a new cell phone!!

  47. Gloria Walshver says

    I’d get the Amazon gift Card because I’d like books.

  48. ruby reis wade says

    I would get a Visa GC so I could buy a bicycle.

  49. will buy toys for my daughter!

  50. I need a new mattress but I’d also like to get some books and DVDs from my wishlist on Amazon.

  51. A Kindle Fire HD or maybe a Nexus7 16GB, or PayPal cash 🙂

  52. Paypal

  53. Would probably spend it on birthday gifts for some of my grandkids. Have 5 birthdays between March 17 & May 6.

  54. michelle yarbrough says

    probably put it on paypal, to pay my light bill before disconnect in 3 days for non payment since being laid off work.

  55. Tina Battaglia-Winspear says

    I would tuck it away to go towards something unexpected!

  56. Dawn Walsh says

    I will use it to go get my hair dyed It has been before xmas I last got it done. Roots and grey are showing . My birthday is march 8 so it would be a nice gift to me

  57. easter is fast approaching….i have 4 kids to get ready for so i’d use it for them

  58. April Sinclair says

    Pay for a hotel room

  59. Cara James says


  60. I would pay some bills and then take my mom out for a nice lunch at Applebees or something.

  61. New lens!!!! 🙂

  62. I would buy something for my baby:)

  63. Michelle Crowder says

    Something for our wedding in September….that’s what all spare money is going towards.

  64. i’d buy some shoes!

  65. Deposit at new apartment!!!! 🙂

  66. buy a present for my mom!

  67. Jill Ed says

    I would like a kindle fire

  68. Kate O'Brien says

    I would use it for something for our baby due in July.

  69. Anita Leibert says

    Hubby and I are in desperate need of new phones!

  70. Debra Hankins says

    Saving for my trip to NYC in May, will take the cash

  71. Darlene says

    I think I would buy my daughter some professional looking clothes for her job hunt

  72. Jill Ed says

    Saving up for a nice watch

  73. Rose Hicks says

    $200.00 and it is ALL Mine????? Awesome! PayPal – definately PayPal . . . . then I can take my time about spending it in just the way that I love best! Thanks!!!!

  74. PayPal cash

  75. Anita Leibert says

    I would love to be able to get new cell phones for hubby and I. 🙂

  76. We’re moving for sure!!! ^_^ This would pay for a moving truck. <3

  77. Jill Ed says

    I would really love a new cell phone. MY old one is really old and out of date

  78. amber beer says

    I am going on vacation and need to put some money on the side for it

  79. Jessica R says

    I would take the paypal cash so I can both pay bills and buy some new shoes!

  80. April Sinclair says

    If I won the PayPal cash I would use it to pay for my hotel room

  81. Anita Leibert says

    I would love so much to have new phones for hubby and I.

  82. Jill Ed says

    Gifts and Bills

  83. PayPal cash 🙂

  84. Anita Leibert says

    I would love to have paypal cash so that I may use it towards new phones!

  85. Sílvia says

    Paypal Cash!!

  86. Jill Ed says

    Bills, bills, and more bills and a night on the town

  87. I’d choose cash, and either save it or use it to get a new cell for me.

  88. Anita Leibert says

    I would love to have paypal which would help to purchase new phones or pay on overdue bills.

  89. Jessika B says

    I would use it to spend on our first family trip!

  90. Jill Ed says

    Bills, dinner and a new bed spread

  91. Anita Leibert says

    Besides being totally in shock, I will think of what’s most important…. paying bills or buying new phones. Both are very much needed.

  92. Jennifer Roberts says

    I want a maggie bag or to spend it on my kids!!

  93. Jill Ed says

    Febreze, and other household cleaners for the house

  94. I choose PayPal cash to buy something for my baby 🙂

  95. Anita Leibert says

    It would be so wonderful to have a few extra bucks to be able to pay on some bills or maybe buy new phones. Thank you for this chance!

  96. tara b. says

    well i have 4 kids…….easter is approaching and a birthday so i’d use it towards those things 🙂 thanx

  97. Gracie H. says

    maybe save it or go on a mini trip w/ the hubby

  98. amber beer says

    I need this for my vacation

  99. justice says

    my daughters

  100. If i won the $200 dollars, i would finally give my daughter the birthday party & present she didn’t get when she turned 10 in December. I know everyone is struggling but i feel horrible for letting her down!

  101. Linda C says

    I want the $200 on my PayPal account and then I can earn a % on what ever I use it for too.

  102. I would choose paypal cash to buy something for my baby:)

  103. Anita Leibert says

    If I won, I would love to request paypal so that hubby and I could use it towards new phones or repairing our current ones. Thank you for this chance!

  104. Jennifer Roberts says

    If I won I would get a Maggie bag and accessories!!

  105. I would spend it on my kids!

  106. With $200 I could start my Christmas shopping 🙂

  107. Marie Butler says

    If I won I would like to put some of it towards getting my 16 month old daughter outside toys.

  108. Jill Ed says

    Well it’s a little past time now, but I could really use a good winter coat

  109. Anita Leibert says

    I would be so thrilled to win $200.00 and would be able to catch up on some bills!

  110. I would use the money to pay a bill.

  111. for me, it’d be books, films and craft supplies 🙂

  112. Kimberly R. Booker says

    gift card from a Christian bookstore or ebay would be great. I would buy books and/or clothes

  113. I have bills to pay!

  114. pay some small bills and have a pizza party

  115. It would be so awesome to win some extra cash to pay down some bills!

  116. Michelle Crowder says

    $200 would pay for my fiance’s entire outfit for our wedding in September, and then some.

  117. A new tote bag

  118. Theresa Chaparro says

    I would use it to get a Mommy necklace with my 4 kid’s birthstones or names

  119. This is such an awesome opportunity to win extra cash for paying bills! Thank you for this chance 🙂

  120. melinda fritz says

    new shoes for the family, a family dinner,
    dumbelll weights and exercise videos and resistant bands for me

  121. Violeta Vanessa Gill says

    I would get my husband a Keurig!!

  122. I’d buy wax dipped roses i’m dying to try from jewelry candles!

  123. Mary Boyles says

    i don;t know right off hand what i would get, but it would be something for my daughter, she’s turning 13 and her birthday is coming up!

  124. Cara James says

    Bills, bills, bills!!!:)

  125. Sunglasses

  126. I would be very excited to win $200.00! I would most likely use it to pay bills or maybe buy some groceries.

  127. I’d like a pair of mint skinnies

  128. If I won it’s use it to get a new mattress from Amazon

  129. EAster surprises for the niece and nephew

  130. There are so many little things I could think of getting if I were so fortunate to win, but I think at this time, I would use it to pay bills.

  131. Elizabeth Beach says

    I think that I would like a gift card, like Walmart or a Visa gc, then I would take the card to the local humane society 🙂

  132. If I won, I would save it toward the trip I’m hoping to take my son on in October.

  133. bills and tuition

  134. I would choose PayPal cash and I’d buy some goodies for my baby:)

  135. If I were to win, I would like to use this to pay bills or help stock up on groceries!

  136. Heather Diotte says

    We are renovating our home, so I would put this towards supplies and accessories!

  137. I wouild put it towards a long awaited vacation!

  138. betsy cortez says

    I would use it to buy gasoline for my truck

  139. betsy cortez says

    I would use it to buy gas

  140. paypal cash for bills and maybe a small investment

  141. I’d choose cash to buy some nice things for my baby:)

  142. Some extra cash would be wonderful right now! I’d love to get a couple new tires for my car 🙂

  143. candi doucet says

    i would spend it on,my husband, its his birthday today…he’s a wonderful father of 4 and a wonderful husband…would love to treat him for once 🙂

  144. Bellina R Jacobs says

    I would put it towards a treadmill, via Paypal.

  145. Stephanie M. says

    I would spend it on my daughter!! She donated toys to needy families, so I would like to reward her for being so generous.

  146. new crosstrainers

  147. If I win , I will jump and *scream* and smile like a lil kid and my love would probably think a bee bit me or he would just stare at me, wondering what could *go wrong with me* lol.
    I would choose cash via paypal 🙂

  148. If I win, I will be so excited!! Then, I will pay bills and it will all be gone 🙁

  149. If I won I would do a jig, pay a bill, and do something fun with the family

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