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Here at Happy Home and Family we are giving away this YouCopia Chef’s Edition SpiceStack
worth $39.95

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  1. carol roberts says

    that no one fights

  2. michelle koerner says

    I always make s cold pasta salad 🙂

  3. I always make a pineapple bread pudding type dessert. My girls think its not a holiday without it.

  4. My spice cabinet is a mess. I could really use something like this to organize it. I discovered I had 4 bottles of cinnamon because apparently its just too messy to find anything. I really have 2 shelves of spices but not the slightest clue whats up there.

  5. Monja Blue says

    Snoballs , at Christmas! Thanks for a chance to win this fantabulous giveaway!

  6. Ashley D says

    I usually always make my brownies!

  7. Gina B. says

    I make a blueberry/cream cheese pie we call Blueberry Jubilee.

  8. Nichol Tone says

    Chocolate pudding pie

  9. Dalores Lounds says

    I make enchiladas.

  10. Jody W says

    I often make sweet potato pie for special occasions!

  11. doan b says

    Home made soup

  12. Sandy Cain says

    Eggplant Parmagina!

  13. My family love my chicken lasagna and my Nutella Flan.

  14. Sandra Zumbrun says

    Chicken Cacciatore

  15. Lasagna

  16. Alexandra O. says

    I make honey mustard pork chops.

  17. bwuellner says

    I love to make pumpkin muffins 🙂

  18. Jolene B says

    Green chili enchiladas

  19. Ruth J. says

    The next holiday is coming up for us and I always make fettucine alfredo for my hubby.

  20. vanessa kirby says


  21. Shrimp fettucini

  22. SJ Roragen says

    olives and cream cheese appetizers…Penguins!

  23. Dona Keyton says

    I love to make home made macaroni and cheese~

  24. Ruth J. says

    I really need a spice rack because my small space for spices is a mess. I realized I have 2 thyme, 3 cinnamon and can never find what I need. This would organize my stash!

  25. steve weber says

    It all depends on whose birthday it is, everyone has their own special request.

  26. Cheryl Abdelnour says


  27. Deviled eggs or red beet eggs

  28. Baked porkchop, fruit salad and lasagne 🙂

  29. Marisa Johnson says

    I make Hashbrown Casserole on special occasions. It is so very fattening (but good) that I can only make it a few times a year 🙂

  30. Cake

  31. I make cookies or a cake. or something else i’m ‘assigned’ lol

  32. Robin Wilson says


  33. Angela Reed says

    I would really enjoy using different spices. Having a cute rack for it too! Fingers crossed!

  34. shirley says

    What my family calls Pink Fluffy Stuff.

  35. brocha says

    i make eggplant parmijan for special occasions

  36. My family loves tacos. We generally have them in some form once a week!

  37. Mandy S says

    I make Banana Split Pie!!!

  38. Yelena says

    My russian salad “olivie”

  39. Deborah Jones says

    I make a friendship cake. It takes 30 days to prepare but my family loves it.

  40. carol k says

    I like to toss fresh fruits together in a salad

  41. Tamara B says

    I make tamales on special occasions

  42. Jaime G says

    Sticky Toffee Pudding! yum

  43. Vicky D says

    Cheesy potatoes

  44. Susan Johnson says

    I love to make Chicken Paprikash, with plenty of paprika and sour cream 🙂

  45. erum shaukat says


  46. Misty A says

    A nice juicy steak with a salad and some sort of potatoes

  47. Kathy Davis says

    On dpecial occasions I make my famous breakfast casserole!

  48. Seyma Shabbir says


  49. naomi winkel says

    I love to make a pumkin cheese cake

  50. Wendy Pogrant says

    I always make taco salad

  51. Anna Memphis says

    I make baked potato soup and black magic chocolate cake!

  52. John Hutchens says

    I like to make spinach stuffed shells for special occasions

  53. Kelly Dalton says

    I would love to have this

  54. Jennifer P says

    Thanks for offering such an awesome giveaway!!!

  55. i love cooking seafood dishes for my guests.:)

  56. Katie L says

    spagetti and meatballs

  57. Amy Bowles says

    My family loves my Lasagna, and my home made Eclair cake 😉

  58. Marcia Belknap says

    I make Chicken Tortellini for special occasions!!

  59. Shannon L. Barlow says

    Pot Roast with potatoes, carrots and onions.

  60. Brenda D says

    Vanilla Pound Cake.

  61. sylvia mollison says

    Our family loves my confetti couscous salad – it appears at every special family dinner!

  62. Rachel B. says

    Potato Dumplings

  63. Jessica says

    I love making chocolate deserts 🙂 I also love making bread!

  64. Vera K says

    A special dinner in our house is braciole.

  65. MandeD says

    For special occasions I make meatloaf

  66. Michele Behlen says

    I like to make London broil with twice baked potatoes.

  67. Simba C says

    shrimp Alfredo love too make that on special occasion

  68. Victoria Carlson says

    I make tilapia on special occasions!

  69. Dorothy Teel says

    WHen my granddaughters come over and it is cool or damp we have “Frogmore Stew” and they love it, and it is really easy to make (a little expensive cause of the shrimp though)

  70. Alfredo is one of my favorites to make

  71. Helen May says

    I make different things depending on the occasion. It also depends on what’s in the garden!

  72. Kim Pinch says

    Yorkshire pudding.

  73. peggy fedison says

    eggplant parm or lasagna or pernil 🙂

  74. jeannine s says

    grilled steak with blue cheese

  75. I usually make chicken chopseuy. A healty dish

  76. Salad with homemade dressing.

  77. johnny-amy lynn says

    my homemade chicken casserole!!!!!

  78. Sarah L says

    Le Dish.
    Thanks for the contest.

  79. Chelsea says

    I make curried chicken

  80. Darlene Owen says

    Sweet and Sour chicken

  81. Patty S. says

    I make lemon chicken

  82. i cook every meal in my house because of soo many special diets id lov eot cook one and spic other up

  83. Linda Howard says

    I cook mostly chicken and fish dishes.

  84. Deborah Rosen says

    I don’t have one single dish that I make for special occasions – it depends on what it is, who the guests are and what time of year it is. Some of my go-tos include pot roast, Swedish meatballs and lasagna.

  85. Turkey & dressing for easter, thanksgiving, & christmas. 🙂

  86. Bryan Clark says

    chili i love chili

  87. Jessica To says

    I make baked ham on special occasions.

  88. Angela Lemons says

    Taco Pizza

  89. vera hanson says

    shrimp and steak

  90. Amy N. says

    We like to make seafood pasta.

  91. Jane Ritz says

    I like to cook steaks and pastas. Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  92. My cupboard is bare, I need some spice! 🙂

  93. Emilie C says

    I make all different things for different occasions. I love trying new stuff

  94. Honey Balsamic Chicken

  95. dawn k says

    Today, as in every special day, I’m always asked for my fruit salad and my homemade mac and cheese.

  96. I make chicken cordon bleu on special occasions

  97. Dianna Thomas says

    Calizon and brownies double fudge–then my family knows something special is gona happen

  98. erin mills says

    Puerto Rican rice

  99. cheryl says

    homemade swedish meatballs

  100. Gina Gardner says

    Baked RIce with Chicken Tenders

  101. tracey berthiaume says

    i make homemade lasagna or homemade mac & cheese

  102. I make breakfast casserole or sausage balls.

  103. Krystal M says

    Lasagna, usually! It’s tasty and you can make it in big batches for when you have loads of visitors.

  104. melina ramirez says

    I make lasagne for special occasions

  105. jeannette woods says

    we make homemade chicken noodles

  106. Kathryn Mackey says

    My daughter has to make homemade food all the time

  107. natalie nichols says

    I like to make different dishes all the time. My brined pork roast is ALWAYS a hit though and I like to make foods that my son is not allergic to. It’s hard because he is allergic to all dairy.

  108. Stephanie Reed says

    I make mango/pineapple chicken.

  109. Rebecca Graham says

    I make lasagna.

  110. Terra Heck says

    I usually make green bean casserole. Thanks.

  111. Baked Ziti

  112. Megan Borah-Pribble says

    We don’t have a lot of “special occasions” around here, but my homemade baked smoked Gruyere and cheddar Mac & cheese is always a big hit 😉

  113. nancy fiorenza says

    lasagna or chicken and potatoes, beef stew so many

  114. I have a Beef Stew Recipe everyone loves and a homemade Sloppy Joe

  115. JJulie Cutshaw says

    hash brown casserole that has sausage & veggies in it & cheeses yum! thanks great giveaway 🙂

  116. rochelle haynes says


  117. Michelle Proper says

    I make my homemade beef stew with dumpliongs on special occasions. My kids beg for it for their birthdays, etc.

  118. Ashley S says

    5 cheese Ziti and garlic bread 🙂

  119. Dana West says

    Sweet Potato Casserole! Yum! I think I will make some now!

  120. I make all sorts of things. I love to bake and make summer salads (macaroni, potato, italian pepporoni etc…) This would be so awesome for all my spices, since I bought a Swivel and store but only McCormick fits in it!

  121. Jessica Parent says

    shepards pie

  122. Desiree Dunbar says

    I like to make Lasagna.

  123. Teresa Thompson says

    Chicken Casserole.

  124. erin osterhout says

    Nice space saver

  125. Maria Malaveci says

    I make Alfredo!

  126. Melani says

    I make Lasagna.

  127. stephanie campbell says

    everyone always requests my cornbread salad

  128. Ribeyes on the grill says

    karen andrews ribeyes on the grill. Did that backwards-sorry

  129. Danielle T says

    homemade chicken pot pie is a special dinner for us!

  130. Tiffany W says

    i make lasagna

  131. golden storm says

    I make roast lamb on special occaisions

  132. If it’s at my house I make lasagna. If I’m bringing something it’s deviled eggs or mac and cheese.

  133. Suzanne O says

    A big roast beef or a leg of lamb for a big sit down dinner.

  134. I have a special cornbread I make.

  135. Chicken and dumplings!

  136. Wendy Baker says

    I like to make Cordon Blu on special occasions.

  137. grilled stroganoff french bread open sandwiches

  138. Savannah miller says

    It depends who I”m celebrating with if its me and the hubby its steak, if its for my brother stuffed shells….. And if its for my kids we make pizza lol

  139. cheryl b says

    homemade pizza, bread, fruit salad

  140. lasagna

  141. brandi hawn says

    i make different dishes depending on the occasion and who will be coming over but i always make a special drink, it’s old orchard juice concentrate in blueberry pomegranate and champagne, blended with ice, it’s so yummy 🙂

  142. Kele Wassum says

    potato salad

  143. Melanie Montgomery says

    my potato salad

  144. Vanessa says

    Ham or pasta salad. I love both!

  145. CrystalGB says

    apple-raisin bundt cake.

  146. cindy sullivan says

    my mom’s pot roast

  147. Sylvia Ortiz says

    My special occasion dish is: Chicken Enchiladas. This is my family’s favorite.

  148. Kacee Hoffman says

    I always make pot roast with mashed potatoes & gravy, biscuits, corn, and rice.

  149. elven johnson says

    Banana split poke cake

  150. Debra Logan says

    Pork Chops and Sauerkraut

  151. I usually make seasonal items. In fall I like to do apple/pumpkin butters, and pies. Winter I usually make cookies and various treats, Spring Time I usually make grilled french fries and grilled terriyaki chicken bobs. Summer time is usually ambrosia, potato salad, and various cold salads that are made up on the spot 🙂 I also make a baked bean casserole (made with lima beans and bacon) usually in the summer but can be made any time! We have some great family recipes for pot lucks and family events 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway.

  152. Jim Kottke says

    Shrimp Scampi

  153. Amanda Rauch says

    Lasagna-can never go wrong with a big delicious lasagna

  154. on special occasions i make a roast of rib eye that i let slow cook all day so its fall off bone tender

  155. Velvet Hubler says

    We cook Lasagna on special occasions

  156. Nikki Krutz says

    some kind of pasta dish

  157. Ronnie DeFord says

    I love to make my special Jello for special occasions. I made it last weekend for Mother’s Day.

  158. Angela cisco says

    It depends on the occasion. Stuffed Mozz. meatballs usually.

  159. Brigid OHara Koshko says

    My kids like chicken cordon blue or lasagna for special occasions.

  160. Everybody always requests my buffalo chicken dip!

  161. Katrina A. says

    Gumbo- the spicier the better

  162. Glenna F says

    Spaghetti and meatballs.

  163. Courtney Wyant says

    Chicken Flourintine is the best!!!

  164. Stephanie Phelps says

    I make lasagna on special occasions! My family loves it but the way I make it it is expensive!

  165. Victoria C says

    Our favorite is steak and a fancy macaroni and cheese

  166. Jacqui Odell says


  167. Kristin @ Keenly Kristin says


  168. Laura Smith says

    my hubby always makes fish when my mother comes to see us.

  169. michele p says

    everyone asks me to do dessert, so I bring my banana split cake!

  170. Shannon Gallagher says

    I make carrot cake

  171. Shea Balentine says

    a 3 layer banana split cake

  172. dunplings!

  173. samantha s says

    i make curry crab

  174. laurie says

    my kids love taco s

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