Zipping Through Town with my ZIPZ Shoes

When travelling, shoes are most often the one sacrificed to make way for the essentials. We are then left to make do with the pair we’re wearing and one extra pair in the luggage.  Well, would you believe that it is possible to have a matching pair of shoes for each of your travel outfit without going over the baggage limit?  ZIPZ Shoes makes travelling in style much more fun!

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How does it work?  The shoe covers are attached to the sole using heavy-duty and high-quality zippers manufactured by YKK. All are pre-shrunk to ensure that you always get a perfect fit. Covers usually come in high top, low top, and slip on styles so you can even get your favorite design in different styles.

I got to zip through our weekend overnighter destination in the ZIPZ JET BLACK SLIPON and the ZIPZ LOVECHILD HIGH TOP. The Jet Black Slipon retails at $49.95 with the sole and only $29.95 for the cover only while the Love Child High Top retails at $64.95 with the sole and $34.95 for the cover only.  The Jet Black Slip ons proved a perfect pair for the casual shirt dress I wore for dinner.  The Lovechild put some fun in my weekend wardrobe with its pink paisley print that was very feminine – just right for that girl-next-door look.  I love the design so much that I’m placing orders for the low top and slip on covers too.

 photo zipzfloral_zps2cb1837a.jpg

 photo 268980_502959876420250_1542183559_n_zps144319da.jpg

You may have second thoughts about using a shoe with a zip on cover for fear that the zippers would come off.  Rest assured though that these shoes are of high-quality, really functional, and durable.  I was able to run after my toddler wearing my ZIPZ shoes and encountered no problems with the zippers or the entire shoes. Heck, if you can run after a toddler with these shoes on, you can do anything wearing ZIPZ shoes.

ZIPZ Shoes are great for those who travel a lot and would want to bring more pairs of shoes with them.  The covers are light weight and can easily fit in your luggage.  Aside from being space-savers, they’re also light on the budget with each shoe cover costing just a fraction of the price of a pair of shoes.

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  1. Deborah D says

    These shoes look like they would be fun!!!!!!

  2. Sharon Siqueiros says

    I don’t know why I thought these were for kids! I love high top tennies and these are really cute!
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Becky Schollian says

    I just love these shoes!! they are the neatest shoe ever!! I saw an Autism awareness shoe from Zipz. I like how you can create your own design. Great post.

  4. Arlene Whitfield says

    Those shoes rock! I love high tops!

  5. Robin Quick says

    I love these shoes! Ive been trying to win my son a pair forever to let him try them out. Hes a teenager so you never know what they will like or not like . lol

  6. Blessed Assurance says

    These shoes are for me I just have to make up my mind on what to get. I am a little leary about being able to wash these in the washing machine.

  7. Michelle Cristobal says

    I like the pink shoes!

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