How to Cultivate Your Child’s Musical Talents

Music, they say, is a universal language.   It crosses borders and spans social classes.  No matter what age you are, or which corner of the world you come from, you are sure to groove to the beat whenever you hear a drum solo.  As a parent, you may want to make your child plunge into this music pool.  So, how can you cultivate his interest in music?

You can start him off with musical toys.  Maybe a toy keyboard, drum set will be good.  Get him those educational toys which make music.

Even if you haven’t been blessed with an angelic voice, don’t let this keep you from singing songs with your child.  Your repertoire can include simple ditties such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or any easy-to-learn folk song.  This will develop in him a keen interest in music.

When is the right time to get him started on formal music lessons?  When your kid turns 5 or 6, and knows how to read, that would be a good time.  If you feel he’s not ready yet, he can always start at a later age.  Kids do have different capacities for learning.

Once he starts taking music classes, you have to do what you can to promote his interest in music.  If you can, go to class with him.  When he learns a new song on the guitar, reward him with guitar pickups.  When he has a recital, be there for him.

Whatever you do, don’t force him into doing something he’s not interested in.  Be patient if at first, your child doesn’t seem to show any progress with learning a musical instrument.  Just remember to support him all the way.


  1. Sherry says

    My baby loves music he always listen to music to sleep

  2. I’ll let my nephew take guitar lessons even if he’s only 7 years old.

  3. @LOURDES that’s is great how much is the guitar lesson?

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