Setting Up Your Own Home Office

Most moms have decided to become a work-at-home mom to supervise their household, take care of the kids and at the same time helping in family finances. If you have little kids around, you cannot just work anywhere in the house. Your little tot may become too curious and may mess up your work. It is much better if you can setup your home office where you can work peacefully and comfortably. An office will also help you concentrate on work if needed – it is a good way to ensure productivity too. Here are some rules that you may want to follow in setting up your home office:

  • Choose a space or room where there are natural source of light and air. In this way, you will save up on electricity cost because you do not need to turn the lights on during daytime. There should be lots of air too; this will make you feel comfortable while working to beat the deadline.
  • Your office should not be near a busy area in your home. This will keep you away from distractions in case you need to focus on a specific project.
  • Arrange things and office equipment to maximize space and smooth functionality. Your most frequently used stuff should be within your reach. This will make your workflow more efficient and will make you more productive.


  1. thank you for the tips. My home office is practically the whole of the living room so i can’t work when visitors drop by. I definitely need a corner of my own so i will have to rearrange some furnitures soon.

  2. I will definitely need these tips once my husband and I have decided if I will work at home right after giving birth. *sigh*

  3. Gladys | says

    i wanted a home office, too! i just hope my house is big enough to conquer one little corner just for myself 🙂

  4. great tips 🙂 i am usually distracted everytime i work in our living room, so i will move my office table somewhere else in the house hehe

  5. Awesome tips! 🙂 I’ve been working from home for more than a year now and working in the living room is like being the receptionist, clerk, and boss all at the same time. No quiet moments! 😀

    Really must work on transforming our extra room as my little ‘office’. 😀

  6. Sherry says

    I dont have space for home office as I do my work on soda lol

  7. Most important of all is a quiet corner where nobody can distract you.

  8. @LOURDES I agree with you sadly all corner my place taken up

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