Settling Active Kids: Cooing the Little Ones to Calmness

Children are always full of energy, jumping from one activity to another without so much as a few minutes of nap time to recharge.  It’s a joy to see them enjoying their youth as they go out and romp with the dog out in the yard, play a round of baseball with the neighborhood kids, or ride his bike around the park.  There are times, though, when our active kids just have to settle down and rest.  No matter how much energy they have in their bodies, their bodies still need time to recover from all the strenuous activities.

For most parents of active kids, it’s a challenge to calm these little ones down.  But, this task is not entirely impossible to do.  Some ways through which you can coo these little bundles of energy to calmness is to settle them into a less vigorous activity to transition them from active play to rest.  A snack of healthy non-sugary snacks and a shower after active play are usually effective ways to bring children’s energy levels down into a more relaxed state.

It is always recommended that you stay with your child during this time to set the relaxing tone.  Engage him in calm conversation and give him your full attention.



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